Three Day Weekends, Who Needs ‘Em?

I saw this thing on Japanese TV ages ago, when I was still in my unmarried-starry-eyed-single days (my, that seems like a long time ago!) where they interviewed people about their favorite time of the week. Then they made a chart dividing the answers up according to age and gender.

For school-aged kids, Sunday morning was the most popular time. For middle aged men, Saturday afternoon. Can you guess what the most popular time of day was for women aged 30-50? That’s right, Monday morning.

When I saw that on the tee-tee I was mildly horrified. Now, I’m like, come on big M!!

Weekday mornings go a little like this: b!tch slap alarm clock, stagger into bathroom, slam a load of laundry into the washer, whip up some slop for breakfast, listen to children whine and complain about breakfast, eventually throw breakfast away followed immediately by whines of “I’m hungry!” But by 8:10 both boys are out of the house and I’m left with just one little whiner for a few hours, anyway.

On weekends, someone is complaining at me All Day Long. My husband has an issue in his frontal lobe that makes him incapable of just chilling at home, but at the same time incapable of thinking of anywhere to go. He tries, true, he comes up with ideas like this, “I know tomorrow is Sports Day and it’s already 7 a.m., but let’s go to Disneyland!” Which is two hours away, so it’s not like it’s next door.

But hey, I try to think of it like this, a dog has an instinct to walk, and if he doesn’t satisfy that need then he won’t be a good pet. (I find comparing men to dogs often leads to keen insights, no offense to the dogs, of course.) If taking my husband for his weekly “outing” keeps him from turning into a blood- crazed pit bull, then it’s worth the effort.

And we visit the in-laws on the weekend, which adds a random variable of crazy.

We have some structure to our Saturdays now that the kids attend an English School, so usually it’s just Sundays that Daddy needs help with. Since we STILL don’t have a TV, I send the littlies to Jiji and Baba’s for their Power Rangers fix, and by the time they get back I’ve usually cleaned and prepared some fascinating (not) destination for the day.

The trouble occurs when there are more than two days to the weekend. This happens a lot in Japan. It happens twice this month, back to back. Argh!

So we’ve got plans for Saturday, a big group outing, actually. And what does hubby want to do on Sunday? Say it with me people, DISNEYLAND.

Which is, of course, fun for the kiddies, until they wake up pooped the next morning and have to go to school. For grown-ups?Disney is much more fun when you go without children. Just make sure you use protection. Yes sir, always buckle your seat belt on rides. Goodness me, did you think I meant something else?


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