Scrap booking?! Bite me

Yesterday started off for me around five in the morning, when I rolled over and heard a big *crack* coming from my neck.

Maybe if I lie still long enough it will be okay…

An hour later, the alarm goes off and it’s definitely NOT okay. I’ve done this a number of times, injured my neck that is, not just lying still in the hopes my problems go away. Okay, okay, you’ve got me: guilty on both counts.

The original injury happened when I slipped while giving the baby a bath, popping the bones in my neck out of joint in such a way that the normal c- shaped curve was now ) shaped. Sounds fun, no? (Insert sarcasm here.)

By seven it was pretty apparent that I was gonna need some help taking care of the kids and doing all of those things that have to be done every day lest the world cease to rotate. HRH was like, “休んでもいいけど”(sucking air through teeth noise.)”I guess I could stay home today if you Really Really need me to, but…” kind or reaction. “Um, no thanks, babe, I’ll just call your mom.” (She’s always showing up at my house unannounced anyway, might as well put her to work for a change.) HRH tries, unsuccessfully, to hide a sigh of relief, then he’s on his merry way.

So I call the MIL. Her reaction? “Sorry to hear you’ve injured yourself and can’t move, but I’ve got a scrap booking class today.”

Warning: rant imminent.

And no, she’s not teaching. And she’s been talking about wanting to quit this class for months now. I’m thinking,

Bite me, Baba.

Now before you start thinking I’ve got sense-of-entitlement issues….1)She just automatically assumes I’ll be taking care of them in their old age, even though my husband is NOT the oldest son 2) Speaking of whom, when she and FIL go out for the evening she always asks me to “babysit” since he can’t (won’t?) cook for himself 3) When she goes out alone she expects me to go to her house and cook for her family, and mine, of course. Plus 4) All the usual MIL busybody telling-me-how-to-raise-my-children-and-then-undermining-my-efforts crap.

#2&3 Wouldn’t be a big deal if I was ever allowed an evening out, but that isn’t the case now, is it?

Okay, rant over. Thanks for hanging in there.

FIL actually offered to watch Me Too so I could go the doctor. Miracles do happen, it appears. It just so happens I had planned to have a little birthday party for Me Too yesterday, just a couple of her friends coming over for cake. Their mommies graciously did some shopping for me and kept the kids entertained for the afternoon, totally saving me from complete insanity. So I got some help where I didn’t expect it that restored my faith in humanity.

My kids were actually pretty good, when they remembered Mommy wasn’t feeling well. Got lots of undeserved kisses and even a couple of massages yesterday.

Looks like Me Too and I will be stuck at home most of the day today due to the typhoon. Wish HRH would have brought the stuff in from the landing, or at least secured it down like I asked him to instead of spending his pre-work morning time on iTunes. But I only asked him once, and I should know by now he won’t do anything unless he’s been asked at least ten times.

Of course if Coop boxes start flying down the stairs it will all be my fault, so I’d better get on that or find a good bribe to convince Me First to do it… Any ideas?


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  1. hamakkomommy
    Sep 21, 2011 @ 13:49:57

    Baba has been a big help today, so I almost feel bad for all that stuff I wrote….


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