Asking Too Much?

My brother-in-law wants to borrow my iPad. For a week. For work.


My first instinct is to yell, “Hell noooo!” and run for the hills as fast as I can. This being Japan and him being the 長男, heir apparent (of what I can’t begin to imagine,) or oldest son, I can’t exactly do that. I told him I use it often, close to constantly actually, but he still insisted. Grrr. So I chose the tool the Japanese use so well, passive aggression. I said I’d think about it, then told my mother-in-law I REALLY didn’t want to loan it to him. Hopefully that will nip it in the bud.

I’m not sure why the idea of him using my iPad bothers me so much. It feels like an invasion of privacy. I don’t think he would read all my e-mails, or even that he could, since mostly they are in English, and there is nothing on here I am hiding from anyone But he would take it on the train, in rush hour, all the way to Shinbashi where he works and leave it in his desk all day where anyone could peak at it. He wants to do some programming he says, and knowing his personality, I would not be surprised if he lost it or broke it.

I’ve really become dependent on this little thing! I use it for computer stuff, since I can never get to the actual computer without the kids nagging me to death. I use it as an e-reader, which is a godsend considering the expense and effort it takes to get English books in Japan. I use it to exercise. I do the Jillian videos I’ve downloaded while the kids watch a video on the TV. It’s the only way I’ve found to exercise, actually. Otherwise I can’t do it while they are awake, and after they go to sleep my husband expects me to focus on him, big baby that he is.

I wouldn’t want to let my husband have my iPad for a week, either, and I actually have a vested interest in whether he succeeds at work or not. It feels like BIL is asking too much; surely there is someone at work who can do this? Can’t he just use his iPhone or iPod? Why ask ME? We don’t have that kind of give-and-take relationship. Actually, the more I think about it, our relationship is take take take on his part. He comes over to eat when his parents are busy; he b!tches to me, he practices English with me when he feels like it.

Hmmm. Maybe a Hell No! isn’t so inappropriate after all…

Am I being weird about this? What do you think?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Garreth
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 19:35:24

    Definately not. Why can’t he buy his own? These days a computer/tablet is an extension of who you are. Tell him to shove it. PS love the blog.


  2. hamakkomommy
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 17:45:48

    Seeing as BIL is a 40year old electrical engineer living with his parents, I think he could afford one of he really needed it. My passive aggressive strategy seems to have worked, or maybe he asked someone from work. For the time being I still have my “precious.”


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