Is it lunch time yet?

I saw a post by someone detailing what they do in the morning, so I thought I’d copy that idea.

This is my morning today thus far:

Today, I woke up at 5:45. HRH was making an ungodly amount of noise in the bathroom after coming back from an early morning run, made possible by jet-lag. He should really make some attempt to get over that.

I refuse to get out of bed before 6 am, barring sickness, emergency, or childbirth. I particularly refuse to leave my warm, cozy futon before 6 for someone who has told me the night before, at 10:30, that he wants to get to work early tomorrow so I should serve breakfast before 6:30. This particular someone should be able to do this himself, and making a racket in the bathroom is just an immature thing to do and likely to backfire if he wakes any of the children who haven’t slept enough because he woke them making a racket coming home last night.

So I pretended to be asleep until my alarm went off at 6, then went into the sweat shop kitchen. Today’s breakfast was veggie doria(veggies in cream sauce over rice, topped with cheese,) salad, and yogurt with fresh kiwi fruit. I’d made the cream sauce and rice last night, so I just had to assemble it casserole style, shred the cheese, then pop it in the oven for ten minutes during which I made the salad, cut fruit, and ran a load of laundry. HRH was ready for work, but instead of folding yesterday’s laundry that had to be hung overnight since it didn’t dry on the line, or picking up the colored pencils that were rolling about all over the kitchen floor, he hovered over my cooking.

At 6:20 he scarfed down his food, refused to eat the yogurt since he said he didn’t have “time,” then hung around the foyer for ten minutes while I went to wake the kids to see off his great and royal highness.

The kids were still tired and whiny, and Me First promptly went back to bed. Me Too was hungry so I took her to the kitchen and got her started on breakfast, picking up the colored pencils along the way. She’ll eat just about anything if I feed her before Brother informs her that it’s gross! Got Bubba’s plate ready as well and remembered that, oh yeah, I should probably eat too.

Brother stumbles into the kitchen, no doubt accosted by the smell of stinky European cheese, and demands nachos for breakfast.


We had nachos for a snack yesterday. I happened to find some cheese sauce at the store and thought I’d let the kids try it. Sister was not impressed, but I suspect Brother may be addicted. Nachos are like crack, after all, one time is all it takes to get hooked.

But of course he can’t have them for breakfast!

I end up letting him have a muffin for breakfast instead, briefly wondering if that is in fact a more healthy choice than nachos, and tripping on another d@mn color pencil.

Me Too wants a muffin, too. She’s eaten a good breakfast, but fine. It’s 7:15 now and we just need to progress to the next act in this circus to get out of the house by 8. Any later than that and the school gates will close and Brother will have to ring the bell, then wait to have the gate opened by the principal. (No wonder the Japanese are so punctual, eh?)

Me Too gets crumbs all over the floor and spills the colored pencils again. She can’t find her pink unicorn, Douglas. Mommy finds Douglas. Mommy wonders again why this toy is named “Douglas,” since to my knowledge she has never met anyone by that name…

Brother picks out clothes that are not weather appropriate, so I suggest he wear a long sleeved undershirt under the sleeveless flimsy summer shirt he has chosen for this chilly morning. He proceeds to meltdown, Fukushima style. Sister has somehow managed to get colored pencils all over the living room floor as well. And she’s butt naked.


Brother is going on about some boys being mean to him at school. He’s been hinting about this the past couple of days, but now it looks like he’s ready to talk. 7:30. Cuddle on the couch. Listen to an incoherent account of the trials and tribulations of a first grade boy. Begin to worry, again, that Me First may be getting bullied a bit at school. Yesterday two boys in his class followed Me First home (it’s not on their way,) and I heard them yelling some nasty things at him. うるせーコノヤロ!, not the kind of thing first graders would usually say. To his credit, Me First responded with an “I hate you guys forever!” at the top of his lungs.

Me First wants me to walk him to school (he’s been wanting to go by himself like all the other kids for the past month or so.) That seems like a good idea to me, too. Secretly decide to spy on him walking home from school to get a better idea of what is going on.

7:45- children finally change clothes and get ready for school. Quickly put breakfast dishes in dishwasher, sweep up crumbs, pick up colored pencils, suspect they may be multiplying. Change my own clothes (new sweater looks cute- yay,) brush everyone’s teeth, put out futons, and we’re out the door at 8:02. (Realize new sweater is itchy, yay.)

We walk about 100 meters together, then Me First says he doesn’t want to be walked after all. We tell him goodbye, then follow and spy on him from the other side of the street. He has absolutely no clue, and he seems to be enjoying his walk to school with his friends. Phew.

Come back home, realize I have not yet put out laundry but decide to blog instead. Trip over colored pencils again.



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