You’re Important! Now please wait.


I find myself saying it too many times a day: “I’m busy now. Please wait.” I’ve read somewhere that this particular line is a big no-no of parenting. I’d tell you where, but I’m too busy. Sorry.

I also read somewhere I can’t remember (my noggin must be filled with that white hole-y cheese today…Um, Sweden, right?) about the “Urgent/Important Matrix.” Basically, this is a time management tool that divides things into a) urgent but not important b) urgent and important c) not urgent and not important and d) not urgent but important.

So for example:
A= rushing home to watch a TV show. Unless it’s Neil Armstrong on the moon or Kerri Strug’s second vault attempt. (Look it up, youngunz.)

B= Calling an ambulance after your child falls in the tub and cracks his head open. Cause we’ve all had to do that, right? Right??

C= Throwing away that gaggle of broken umbrellas we have in the foyer. Curiously enough, I think they may be multiplying, so maybe I should bump this up to an A.

D= Spending time with loved ones, writing that novel, world peace and all that other stuff we just can’t seem to get around to.

Where I get stuck is with things like preparing a healthy dinner for your family. I mean, I do feel that healthy, home cooked meals are important, but does it really need to be done three times a day every single day? I find myself often telling the kids I can’t play with them or I can’t help them because I’m cooking. Or like what’s happening at the Hamakko house right this minute: Do I make a point of teaching my son to clean up his own cr@p or just do it myself so we’ll have time to work on his reading in English (not to mention actually go to bed on time for once)?

To quote my favorite Disney villain,

Life’s full of tough choices, i’n’t?




1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Scarlet Scarecrow
    Nov 16, 2011 @ 20:38:48

    Love the concept. :) Got me inspired! :D
    In all probability, I’d be linking to this post soon :)


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