We Wish It Was Merry Christmas

Christmas, Inc. In Japan it starts way too early. Our local grocery store has had the holiday muzak playing since Halloween. Oftentimes it’s the hardcore religious music that you no longer hear on the loudspeakers in The States anymore. “The Lord’s Prayer” by Barbara Streisand seems to be a favorite. Irony on so many levels, all for my own personal enjoyment, since no one else in the store understands English OR that Jewish and Christian are not the same thing. Japanese people tend to have very fluid religious views and have trouble understanding the concept of being “exclusive” with one set of beliefs.

All of this premature merriment, of course, has my children singing Christmas carols and begging to put the tree up. I need a tummy full of turkey to even begin to tackle that task, but I have let them get out their extremely annoying children’s Christmas CDs.

Me Too loves to sing and dance, provided no one is watching, and it occurred to me the other day when she was performing along with the CD kids that her version of the lyrics was slightly… different. I had the pleasure to catch her doing an a capella version later:
We wish it was Merry Christmas
We wish it was Merry Christmas…

Truer words were never sung. The countdown has begun!

So to all of you from Me Too:

Happy New Ear


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