Pilgrims Progress

We did “Thanksgiving” today, or as close as you can get with a Japanese family using Japanese ingredients available at Japanese grocery stores.

Things I am currently thankful for:
1) Thanksgiving is over

I’m too tired to add more to this list. Plus I seem to be perpetually covered in flour and suspect that may not be good for my iPad.

Part of what sucks is difficult about pulling off a Thanksgiving feast, besides the total thanklessness of the family of course, is not being able to buy things in boxes and cans that make the job a bit “easier” but still count as homemade. I have to do most of it from scratch. Corn bread? Scratch. Stuffing? Scratch. (Hubby did this with WAY too much fanfare.) Pumpkin pie? I did find a can of pumpkin and pie crust, so that was only semi- scratch. I still had to roll out the pie crust since they come in a square shape here, so I think I should get credit for 3/4 scratch. (Not that I’m keeping score or anything.)

So I was lazing about feeling quite sorry for myself with all this homemade-ness, when I sat down to watch a bit of Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving and that part that comes after it, about the Mayflower. This led me to some quality time with Wiki, and a terrorizing realization.

Did you know that at the time of the first Thanksgiving there were only four women left alive in the colony? And they pulled off a three day feast for themselves and 60 guests? Their to do list probably went something like this:

1) kill turkey
2) grind corn into flour
3) fetch water from the river two miles away uphill both ways in three feet of snow

Etc, etc. I guess I don’t have it so hard after all. That’s progress.


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