Winter Paraphenalia

It’s gotten cold in the Hama, 4C outside today. For the Hamakko children this means hot chocolate and warm soup with breakfast, then running over to draw with their fingers on frosty windows, then running back to warm themselves by the heater.

For HamakkoMommy, winter means landry that won’t dry, cleaning up the puddles left by frosty-window finger drawings, and last but most aggravating, carrying around a lot of extra gear.

I no longer need to carry diapers and wipes, thank goodness, and briefly I held on to the bright illusion that I would soon be back to carrying a normal sized bag. You know, the kind that doesn’t need its own zip code.

But alas, that day has yet to come.

The main mode of transportation for us is the mode God gave us, a pied, by foot. That means we have to wrap up. A trip to the grocery store in 4C in the rain= Me Too+ umbrella, two pairs of socks, rain boots, gloves, knit cap, scarf, vest, lined rain coat, and a penguin toy (?). Every item, except the penguin toy but including the boots and extra socks, was pulled off approximately 0.2 seconds after entering the store. It’s actually quite an amazing feat to see: a four year old blur of knit acrylic.

All of this, plus my own hat, gloves, and scarf inevitably ends up in my “purse,” after learning the hard way that children cannot carry their own winter paraphernalia without ending up having a very cold walk home.

Tomorrow, I’ll have three sets of winter gear, plus whatever HRH decides he can’t carry. I suppose I’ll have to rent a U-Haul and hitch it up to my back.


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