After School Blues

Oh homework, how I hate thee.

Me First did not come home on time today. This in itself is not so unusual, but when I heard his friend from next door playing outside, I got worried. They are in the same class, and neighbor friend had managed to come home, put away is backpack, get his jumprope and run out to play while my little bohemian had yet to arrive home. He was being kept after school, I was informed by Neighbor Boy, to finish his homework.

The homework he’d spent hours doing over the weekend.


But for me, the first issue here is that I feel the teacher should let me know if she is keeping him after school. That’s a safety issue. With pervs roaming the neighborhood and a rash of children being attacked on their way home throughout Kanto recently, it seems like it would be common sense to let a parent know when their child will be an hour late coming home. Especially a first grader.

I won’t mince words. I was pissed. I went to school in a dither and told the teacher I was worried because I saw the other children from the same class arriving home thirty minutes ago. Her reaction was cold. She explained that he hadn’t done his homework.

So what??

Children who haven’t finished their homework still deserve to be safe, do they not?

I agreed with her that doing homework was certainly his responsibility. If she felt he needed to do it after school, then please contact me so I don’t worry about where he is. There have been a number of incidents on the way home when older children have teased him, and he was slapped on one occasion by a third grade girl. When he is unreasonably late, I worry about his safety.

We got home and I promptly located the completed homework in question inside his backpack, exactly where it should have been.

F@&;!ing h@!! sigh

I can just envision him, searching in a panic for his homework while being accused of failing to complete it. How many times have I done that myself?

Granted, he should have turned it in. But come on, he is six years old. Honestly it is nothing short of a miracle that he makes it to and from school more or less in one piece every day. Maybe my bar is set way too low, but I’m pretty happy when he manages to return from a potty trip without his undies hanging out and toilet paper trailing from his shoe.

So anyway, now I’m THAT parent.


In other news, for anyone who receives the AFWJ journal, I have a short story in there this month called A Night at the Table. Haven’t seen it myself yet, though.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gaijinwife
    Dec 13, 2011 @ 16:37:25

    F*** I would have been so bloody angry at the school. Poor boy, trying to find it and telling the teacher he did do it and her not believing him :(

    I think a note needs to be written to the school. Not informing a parent that a 6 year old is being kept late is not acceptable. I can’t believe he got slapped on the way home from school. I think you need to move down here, where I’m sure kids slap other kids but hey, at least the airs fresher.



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