A Little Organization

A little organization goes a long way.

Now, I’m not so young that this comes as a total surprise. I’ve known it since I was about ten years old. But knowing it and being able to act on that knowledge are two totally different things.

The first challenge I face every morning is escaping from the grip of my cozy futon. This is made more difficult by the cuddly four-year-old I share it with, who will wake up when I detangle myself, no matter how quiet or sneaky I am.

Mornings in the Hama are so cold. My feet freeze on the hardwood floors. Where are those slippers? Damn. I can never seem to find them unless, of course, I am tripping over them.

The windows drip with condensation, like they are crying. Is it morning already? Nooooo! We’re still t i r e d !

Knowing that laundry, breakfast making, nagging children to get ready, and more often than not, HRH’s dinner dishes are waiting for me does not exactly inspire a speedy wake-up.

But today, miraculously, I actually got up before the alarm went off. Okay, it wasn’t exactly a miracle considering HRH was making a racket and hacking loogies in the sink, but I was awake. Made a “proper” breakfast for a change. My usual peanut butter toast with fruit and veggies doesn’t count from a Japanese perspective, apparently. Today we had spinach and salmon mixed with rice, miso soup with daikon and fried tofu, and hanpen(the processed cheese of fish) topped with, um, processed cheese.

And the kids ate none of it. Will be back to our old friend Mr. Peanut Butter tomorrow, I’m sure.

I’d washed the clothes on a timer. This was totally by accident, by the way. I’d meant to wash Me First’s karate stuff in a load and hang it last night, but I pushed the wrong button. By the time I realized it I was no longer feeling the Laundry Longing. So I got the clothes out AND had time to exercise before Brother left for school.

Me Too and I have a play date this morning. I was worried we wouldn’t be able to make it there in time, and with good reason. In spite of my reasonable efforts we were unable to leave the house before ten yesterday. But due to some mis-pushed buttons and loogie-induced early wakefulness it looks like we may even have time for coffee before the playing ensues.


Now if only the rest of the day goes as smoothly!


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