Naughty List

I need to have it independently confirmed, of course, but I have good reason to suspect that I may be the mother of the two haughtiest children in the entire world.

It’s the day after Christmas, and since the presents have been received then all bets are off.

It’s been a hard day all round: too cold to go outside until lunch time, daughter stripping down naked at least three times requiring cumbersome rebundling of winter clothing, son insisting on riding his bike to the store, son then insisting riding bike made his hands cold and consequently insisting that he must push the bike home or risk getting frostbite, (he refused to wear his gloves because they were too hot,) refusal to ride bike meant walking twenty minutes each way to the doctor for their flu shots. Me Too can’t walk that far without a break, so we stopped at the local Fami-resu (family friendly restaurant) for ice cream on the way home. Everyone bickered and bitched, whined and tattled all. day. long.


The real haughtiness began. I had some serious cooking to do today, in spite of the fact that I was in the kitchen all day yesterday. HRH will NOT be able to stomach another American meal after being plied with ham and turkey three meals in a row. I made a nice Japanese curry for the kids, knowing they were tired from all the walking. Curry is a one bowl dish they can shovel in with a spoon, getting lots of veggies and protein without too much protest. Hubby will want something else after all that fatty ham, and since the kids and I need lunch boxes tomorrow, I grilled some salmon, seared some asparagus, and made some sautéed mushrooms with “sausage” and flavored with spicy mustard. (If you’ve ever been to Japan, you’ll know why the “sausage” is in quotation marks. It’s like a cross between Vienna sausages and hot dogs.)

Bear in mind, please, that all of this took about 45 minutes.


and unbeknownst to yours truly, the children formerly known as Me First and Me Too and here forth referred to as Bad and Badder, were in the living room eating chocolates.

An entire box.

Of Belgian chocolates.

That were my Christmas gift.

And then they left the wrappers all over the floor.


I cannot tell a lie. I have a very bad temper that had completely escaped me at the moment. The children knew they were in trouble, Big Trouble (note the capitals,) when Mommy told them very calmly to brush their teeth and go directly to bed.

They didn’t get any dinner, but I doubt they could have eaten it anyway. They are used to a bath and stories and cuddles before bed, but cuddling with an angry rhino mommy would probably not have been very nice.

Me First, er I mean, Bad has been doing a very nice job taking care of his sister, actually. He brushed her teeth and told her a story and is cuddling with her now. And there were two pieces of chocolate left that they missed in their feeding frenzy. Excellent.

They both just came out and apologized to me, which is a nice touch. Or strategy.

I am very tired, oh so tired, of fighting with them about food. The “experts,” who apparently have children whose heads are not as hard as concrete walls, say that offering them healthy food and being a good example is enough; there is no need to push the issue. You can’t actually force someone to eat, after all. I tend to agree with this thinking, and quite frankly I don’t want to stress about it anymore. At some point, it has to be the individual’s responsibility. HRH, who fancies himself to be an expert on all things, doesn’t agree with this. He’s a Force Feeder. But he also does stupid things like give the children chocolate before breakfast.


Will try to get the children on the healthy eating train again tomorrow morning, I suppose.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. hamakkomommy
    Dec 26, 2011 @ 21:04:39

    A few minutes later Me Too called out in a trembling voice, “You still love me, Mommy?” Aw, man, that hurts worse than the chocolate business.


  2. Kaiju Wife
    Dec 26, 2011 @ 21:06:06

    Ah, yes, the old “chocolate before breakfast” thing. DH does that, then gets mad when I feed DD yogurt, because he claims it is “dessert.” But the chocolate was okay? Glad there were 2 pieces left for you…


  3. gaijinwife
    Dec 27, 2011 @ 19:35:00

    Definitely on the breakfast menu round here – yoghurt that is. And sometimes chocolate. I would have been super angry at the kids if they had eaten all my stash. Granny K is the person I have biggest food battles with. Marina just came out of there with an ice-cream even though they don’t get treats until after they’ve had a bath – her excuse? She was eating it Marina took it off her.
    And so she just let her have it. She then proceeded to tell Marina off for mum getting cross. Grrrrr.

    Hope hub appreciated his Japanese meal. I’m sure a week of turkey leftovers hasn’t killed anyone before?



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