Borne Again

How did I ever do this every day? Keeping these two children entertained and preventing them from causing bodily harm to each other 24/7 is taking a toll on my mental health, not to mention thinning out Mrs. Pocketbook.

Oh, now I remember: they use to nap and be more easily distracted, and I do recall that there was a time when they went to bed before me. Nowadays I’m the first to fall asleep.


This morning we *finished* the school homework. Shortly after that apparently hell froze over and flying pigs were spotted swarming around Tokyo Tower.There are still corrections that need to be done in a math drillbook, but the winter “vacation” pack is completed. One point for HamakkoMommy.

In the background the heavenly hosts are singing ♪hallelujah♪ Or at least they are in my head.

Took the Hamakko Offspring to Bornelund today to celebrate. For those less foolish who have yet to be parted from their money, Bornelund is an upscale toy store. The one in Minato Mirai has a giant pay-to-play indoor play area extravaganza. There is a huge ball pool, a bouncy house, a non-radioactive sandbox, just about anything you can think of. Most items are available for sale at the shop you must pass through as you exit.

Clever of them, no? Or evil, depending on how you look at it.

Today I had a 1500yen discount coupon AND 10% off birthday discount since Me First’s birthday is next week, so the trip wasn’t as wince-inducing as it could have been.

Donuts on the way home, and back in time to watch Anpanman. Good day for kids. Of course I have yet to do any housework and am staring down the barrel of a Saturday morning, which means I have to get breakfast, pack a lunch for four, organize homework and backpacks, get children ready to go, and hopefully get out of my jammies for ETD am 0845, destination: English school. Impossible to do this without some organization. Help from HRH would be nice, but I won’t hold my breath.

Luckily I have some stir fried veggies and leftover miso soup in the fridge, so will add a simple tomato salad and make a quick tofu hamburger in order to fulfill the necessary three-dish+soup=proper meal requirement to satisfy HRH.

I know, I know. He doesn’t deserve me.

Holy crap, Batman, Anpanman isn’t on! Thankfully Pretty Cure 5 is on Tokyo Terebi. (Wipes cold sweat from brow)Man, that was a close call…


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