Me Too has always had a very infuriating habit of not doing things for herself that I know she can do because she does them at school. She wants me to put on her shoes and socks. She wants me to wipe her after she uses the potty. She wants me to wash her hands. She wants me to feed her. Etc.,etc., to the point that it gets in the way of what I need to be doing.

On the other hand, she wants to help with things she can’t really do. She wants to cook. She wants to do laundry. She wants to address the 年賀状 New Year’s cards.


I gave in the other day and let her help me peel boiled eggs. We ended up with boiled yolks and a huge mess on the floor. Luckily the children were happy with boiled yolks. Straight to the good bit, in their opinion.

Me Too has been talking my ears off for the past two and a half years, but the past couple of weeks she has suddenly gained the ability to comprehend why she doesn’t want to do something and express it to me.

She doesn’t want to put her socks on because she can’t tell which bit goes on the heel. She wants me to put her shoes on because she’s afraid she’ll get them on the wrong feet. It’s scary to grab the toilet paper because she thinks she’ll fall in the potty if she doesn’t hold on. She wants me to feed her because her shirt might get dirty.

And mommy is feeling pretty guilty about all those times I got frustrated with her because I thought she was being defiant.

But, holy hell, why is she hard on herself? I’ve noticed that if she doesn’t draw something perfectly then she’ll wad up the paper in frustration. Sometimes she’ll use vocabulary I don’t expect to hear from a four-year-old, (like the other day when she said something was “invisible,”) and when I ask her to repeat herself to make sure I’ve heard correctly she gets all nervous and afraid she’s said it wrong.

Me First does not have this problem at all….I think he wore his pants backwards and his shoes on the wrong feet every day until he was five.

But on to other communication related news:

Suddenly Me First is really interested in sign language. I taught him the few signs that I know. There was a lady at church when I was growing up who used to teach us how to sign along with some of the songs we sang during the service. So my sign language knowledge is almost completely limited to Jesus, hellfire, and brimstone. I don’t know the things they really want to know, like Power Rangers, butt, and poo poo.

Brother asked me how to say “I love you,” in sign language, and we had a nice moment signing that back and forth to each other until Sister wanted to know how to say “I don’t love you.”


They settled on using a big “x” made by crossing their arms, the Japanese equivalent of a thumbs-down and of absolutely no value in American Sign Language. That I know of. We now have the Hamakko Revised Version of ASL, where people say things like, “I x love you” and receive a response of “you x bible Jesus baby eye.”

At least no one else can understand them (I hope.)


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