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I feel l’ve been emotionally neglecting my blog during winter vacation….Stolen moments here and there, mostly done from my cell phone while on public transport. Hope no one noticed.

It isn’t just the blog of course. The entire house is a total wreck. You know those news stories where they talk about rescuing a hundred cats from total squalor? That’s my house right now. Well, except for the cats.

This happens during any period of extended “vacation” for husband and/or children. Our downstairs neighbors complain if the kids jump or run around, and they don’t seem to be capable of not jumping or running for more than, oh, about five minutes. Me Too by herself is fine, but add either of the two testosterone fueled beings and peace and quiet becomes a warm, distant memory. Like those cute toothless baby smiles…. Anyway, we end up having to go somewhere every single day. Sometimes it is just the park, but usually it’s an outing. HRH doesn’t want to eat out, so I end up trying to pack a lunch and make breakfast at the same time, coming home in the afternoon too tired to do the shopping, and the next morning the cycle starts again.

Was hoping for a quiet morning catching up on housework, but Me Too has activated Whine Mode Level Two (out of four). Not that I blame her, I’m sure she misses her constant companion/mortal foe. This is evidenced by the fact that she has chosen to watch a Power Rangers video instead of her usual pink, frilly fare. Gotta get her action fix, I suppose.

But I knew the quiet morning wasn’t gonna happen last night, when HRH got mad at me AGAIN. This time he says I’m an iPad addict. Of course at this point he’s been on his iPod touch or the computer for three consecutive hours, including through dinner and story time and while “we” were putting the children to bed.

My god man, at least get the board put of your own eye first, will you?

I’ve been battered with different versions of this complaint since before we were married, actually. Sometimes the culprit is a book or a magazine, once upon a time it was the computer, now it’s the iPad. On one occasion it was actually the sewing machine. The issue, once it’s been boiled down, is that I won’t sit and make myself available for him to talk to IF and WHENEVER he decides to. (Usually during a commercial break from watching TV or whatever it is he’s doing.) Usually he wants a few seconds to paw me and then ignore me again when his game starts up.

Screw that.

I am not a girl at a hostess club. Good grief, we spent all day yesterday with his parents at the zoo. I put the kids in the bath and to bed by myself. He was physically there, but as I said before, attached to his iPod the whole time. This is how it usually happens, by the way.

I come back to the living room, and sit down to check my e-mail. He tells me he wants to watch a movie he rented. I say “”Okay,” and proceed to finish up what I’m doing before we settle into the movie. It’s still on the beginning credits, and I only need like 30 seconds. He then turns off the movie and tells me in a very condescending manner to put my iPad away because this is a rented movie from iTunes we can only watch once. I’m thinking, “I know that, dipsh!t,” but I don’t say that. I just close the iPad. Oh, but apparently I did it with attitude. And then HRH gets all pissed, yells at me for about ten minutes, then goes to sulk in the other room. Thirty minutes later I go to ask him if he wants to watch the movie. And he’s on his iPod. Two hours later when I come to bed? Same thing. At breakfast this morning? You guessed it. Added bonus: he is also refusing to speak to me. I was hoping this at least meant he couldn’t bitch, but he started asking the kids if they wouldn’t like some different vegetables besides broccoli and tomatoes for breakfast once in a while. Nice passive-aggressive try. Me First was like, “I’d rather have cereal!”

But of course any lack of communication is my fault.


In my dream world, I would just go out and rent an apartment, get a job, and be done with this crap. But this isn’t my dream world, and I have two other little people to think about.

So I guess I’ll just be ignored for a couple of days, if I’m lucky, or HRH will let his anger escalate to the point where he threatens me and throws stuff again.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gaijinwife
    Jan 10, 2012 @ 10:25:07

    Throwing stuff is no good – says she who has been known to throw things on occasion :p But if hub did it start hurling frypans. You know, condone the behavior by doing it more myself. Its what I do with the kids after all. Tell them to stop being so noisy – and I’m yelling at them all day. Sigh.

    I need to curb my online time big time – especially when kids and hub around to witness it!! I think I tried to do it once – an hour a day I said. That’s nothing but!!

    Are you bringing the hub when you come down?

    Hope you get some peace and quiet until he decides he wants to paw you again at least.


  2. Beth
    Jan 10, 2012 @ 10:49:50

    So sad… hope HRH just mopes and doesn’t throw anything.


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