The Case of the Horrible Hiccups

Me Too has learned a new word: horrible. And she is using it constantly. Yesterday she had a case of the horrible hiccups. This morning she woke up “horrible hungry” and now she has a “horrible headache.”

I guess this is better than how she usually describes her headaches, as “attention headaches.” This is, I’m quite positive, in no way related to me proclaiming the children will give me a tension headache if they don’t turn down the volume right this instant. (Coincidently, “right this instant’ is a favorite phrase of both children. Weird.)

What is really horrible, though, is the way these two children have been fighting nonstop. Me First has been hitting and punching and in general been way too rough with his Sister for the past couple of days. Plus the door slamming and general attitud-iness is getting old.


Yesterday when the squabbling got to be too much, I took the kids out to ride their scooters around the neighborhood.

Sorry neighborhood.

What ended up happening was Me First varied between buzzing his sister to make her cry and finding noise-making surfaces to ride his scooter over. The preferred place yesterday was a narrow metal ramp in front of a bike parking area that makes a thunderous boom! as you ride over it.

But I guess it was better to let the kids terrorize the neighborhood for a few minutes than to have them killing each other and driving me to the loony bin at the same time.

And they are at each other again today. It began, actually, immediately after they woke up. They ran to the kitchen and began fighting over who got to sit in front of the heater. I remember doing that with my own brother and sister, actually.

Don’t tell my husband, though, or he’ll blame all of their fighting on my bad genetic heritage.

Speaking of husbands and bad genes, HRH came home around nine last night. He’s going to Fukuoka on Friday and seemed quite happy about that. There was a football game on TV so he didn’t want to talk.

Fine with me.


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  1. Beth
    Jan 11, 2012 @ 11:44:13

    I had a monstrous, horrible attention headache today. Please thank Me Too for providing the diagnostic terms to describe the nasty pain in my head :)


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