Let’s Lunch

Haven’t made a school lunch in a while… This one isn’t very fancy, but I think Me Too will be happy with it: simmered hijiki seaweed (from the freezer section at Jusco,) steamed broccoli, a cherry tomato, half a boiled egg shaped like a heart, and a rice ball. I’ve been trying to get more whole grains in our diet. That can be hard here since stores don’t stock wheat bread and Japanese people are programmed to think brown rice is inferior. (It IS harder to eat with chopsticks since it doesn’t stick together the way the white short-grained stuff does.) But this being Japan, of course there is a product out there to suit every need! Enter this: a little packet of whole grain kernels of various origin (I spy with my little eye ground oats and what looks like sesame) that you add to the rice before you cook it. Rice stays sticky and you get some fiber.

The only drawback is that the rice is now a lavender color. If you put on your four-year-old thinking cap you will quickly realize that this is NOT the rice you know and love. Actually I hear that 60+year-old thinking caps also come with this Rice Rejection ™ feature. Can’t vouch for that, though.

Thus, in my hard-earned MommyWisdom I have wrapped the offensive carbohydrate in a cute package. Everyone, this is Hummy, the magical being behind Suite Precure. (It’s a cartoon; we aren’t supposed to understand it.) Hummy, this is Everyone.

Don’t get used to each other because come February there will be new Precures on the block.

And unlike their Power Ranger counterparts, Disney won’t buy the rights and repackage the series for an English speaking audience, thus getting another year’s worth of use out of all the crap we’ve bought.

Seems the Anglo-Saxons aren’t too keen on questionabley dressed female superheroes. Not since She-Ra anyway.

I better use these rice ball wrappers while I can!


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  1. Beth
    Jan 13, 2012 @ 12:46:49

    My MIL sometimes makes the purple rice. My daughter will eat it because purple is her favorite color. Thank you for the look into the lunchbox – nutritious, colorful, and cute.


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