Lunch Blog (Again)

I think most folks who put up photos of food on their blogs and Facebook do so when they’ve made something they’re proud of.

I’m taking it upon myself to add pics precisely on the days I’ve had to scramble around the kitchen to find something edible. Cause, dammit, I can’t do a great meal three times every day. Surely I’m not the only one.

Me Too’s lunch today has edamame and hijiki seaweed courtesy TopValu, hamburger left over from last night, a piece of cheese, and a rice ball she refused to touch when I gave it to her the first time at breakfast.

The rice ball has salmon and spinach “mazegohan” inside. That’s the only thing I actually made. Well if you want to get technical, I’m not sure I get full credit for the mazegohan. I used frozen spinach and rice-ball ready salmon you can buy at the grocery store here. Perhaps if I hadn’t said that you’d think I had grilled and de-boned the salmon?

Nah, I reckon yall know better than that!


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  1. gaijinwife
    Jan 16, 2012 @ 11:49:53

    love the recycled onigiri. If you hadn’t said you actually physically put salmon and spinach in the rice I would have presumed you’d put in a mazegohan packet – not out of laziness but out of convenience – I love those packets :)

    Hmmm, just thinking about your confrontation with that dad at English class. I think I would have reacted the same as you and would be feeling shit even though not warranted by own actions – what a very non-Japanese reaction you got from him.

    I hate that warawara nihonjin shit too.


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