End of an Era


Today as we were getting out of the bath, I noticed Me First’s underwear were getting too small. They still fit around the waist and legs, but they aren’t quite long enough to cover all the bits they are supposed to cover, especially in back. Fair enough, he hasn’t had any new undies in ages. I think the ones he wore today had Shinkenger on them, if that tells you anything.

I figured I’d pop into the store tomorrow and pick him up some more. “What kind of undies would you like?” I ask.

“Just plain ones,” he says.


Did I hear that correctly? He doesn’t want power rangers or ultraman or some other testosterone-centric cartoon character undies??

Of course I knew this was coming, this wanting to be grown-up business. There have been indicators. Me first has asked me several times recently to check his underarms for hair. (“Sorry darling, that’s only dirt. Again.”)

It’s a bit sad because I know he still loves these cartoon characters (we just went to see the movie over the weekend at his insistence,) but the other kids at school think it’s childish so he wants some plain, grown-up undies. “Red ones would be okay,” he says. (I think that might be easier said than done, but I’ll have a look tomorrow.)

Since when did he care so much what the other boys think? I wonder, although I know in this respect he is probably blossoming a bit late. My neighbor had her “underwear” conversation with her son, Me First’s best friend, last year.

I hope this isn’t the slippery slope I’m imagining….First it’s undies then it’s the wacky backy with drug fiends under the bleachers after school. Or shaving his head and folding the brim of his baseball hat all funny to fit in with the other bukatsu boys. I’m not sure which would be worse….


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gaijinwifenwife
    Jan 25, 2012 @ 09:47:14

    Ooooh, not the undue conversation :( Shou is also now quite alright with plain undies – due to one that got purchased in NZ. Stressed me out at the time cause I thought the lack of super heros plastid across the crotch would mean he wouldn’t wear them – not a peep out of him. I was quite surprised. Marina will also wear plain colored ones as long as the color is pink and preferable if they have a bow on the front.


  2. illahee
    Feb 13, 2012 @ 09:07:31

    i never really bought character undies, it’s one of my “things” (not buying character stuff). i think i’m waiting for the, ‘i want boxers.’ (or whatever different style) underpants conversation, though. probably have a few more years before that.

    (wow, i’m being super chatty here. i should go write my own blog! lol)


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