Operation: Setsubun


Today is February 3rd.

So what, you say?

Well you must not be an oni(demon bad guy boogie monster of Japanese folklore,) or you would know that today is the day you get dried soybeans thrown at you and told to get the heck out of people’s houses.

Setsubunis supposed to be the day that separates winter from spring, but um, well it’s still REALLY cold outside, so that doesn’t seem to be working out so well.

I heard a much more detailed Setsubun description by the Gaijinwife, but around here we do NOT go to that much trouble for something as seemingly harmless as oni. (Somewhere along the line they just became less scary when compared to drunk-salary-man ass grabbers, radiation laced school lunches-yum-, or the imminent “Big One.”)

The kids and I are waiting excitedly for HRH to come home so he can dress up like the oni and we can throw stuff at him.

I’ve been waiting for this day All. Year. Long.

Then we’ll eat ridiculously long sushi rolls. I can never get them to turn out right, and since I’ve been struggling with Auntie Flu, I just ordered them from Aeon this year. The kids are obsessed with Doraemon, this cartoon about a robot cat from the future. (Got that? Then can you explain it to moi?) This things are H-U-G-E, but if I didn’t get two then a robot cat from the future would not be enough to save me.

Betcha they don’t eat them. Not to worry, there’s pizza in the fridge.


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  1. gaijinwife
    Feb 04, 2012 @ 09:10:27

    LOL – did you disguise the frypan as a bean and throw that too? Granny K made out super long rolls and then got upset when I cut them in half and put half on each kids plate – cause there was NO WAY they would eat the whole thing. They ate all of what they got though but Shou was the only one to face NNW – apart from hub and I did eat my first mouthful facing the general direction.
    Happy belated setsubun to you.


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