What’s for Dinner?

I’ve found myself in the kitchen a lot today. Well, actually all day today. As far as influenza goes, I realize I have hit the jackpot. Whenever I’ve had it before, it was like being hit by a Mack truck.

I made oatmeal for breakfast, Me First’s new favorite. He calls it mush, though, and pretends he’s one of the orphans from Annie. I’m hoping by the time he realizes all of the orphans are girls, oatmeal will be as firmly entrenched in his list of favorites as peanut butter sandwiches and corn soup.

You may as well know that bread in Japan tends to be of the fluffy, white, unhealthy variety. We were out and as I didn’t fancy getting out of my pajamas for a Jusco run, much less dragging a sick boy out, I dusted off the bread maker and made my own: whole grain with oats, spinach, and cheese. The goal was that we could eat just that and I could rest for a bit.

Yeah, well. Best laid plans and all that. Kids ended up having Jewel Pets curry. Will try the bread on them again at breakfast tomorrow, but smothered in tomato sauce and cheese in the hopes that they will think it’s pizza. Score!

The kids were totally enamored with the bread maker. We’ve had it for ten years, but they have hardly ever seen it. Today I remembered why.

In case you are ever overcome by craziness while you have the flu and two bored children and think making banana bread with them would be a good idea, Just Say No. It turned out to be a huge mess (really should have seen that coming) and not as well received as I had hoped. But at least snack time was over and they’d had something homemade and healthy-ish (since I used some oatmeal and wheat flour again. Not enough of the white stuff left after the bread fiasco.)

Which brings us to dinner.


Here it is, folks.

Feed ‘Em In a Hurry Spicy Beef-n-Rice Bowl

Goal: to feed children and hubby in a hurry with as little time, effort, and clean-up as possible

AccomplicesIngredients: rice, onion or negi, tofu, 2 or 3 cucumbers, soy sauce, sugar, toubanjan(spicy red pepper paste used in Korean food)

1) Make rice (if you live in Japan you would of course always have rice made already)
2) Cube onion or negi, (whatever you have,) cucumber, and tofu.
3) Brown ground beef with onion or negi.
4) Add a little sugar and soy sauce to taste.
*Take out children’s portion NOW*
5) Add as much toubanjan(spicy Korean pepper paste) as you and your loved ones can stand.
6) Layer rice, tofu, cucumbers, and meat mix in a bowl.
7) Chow down.

I garnished mine with tomatoes because I try to give the kids at least four kinds of veggies at every meal. Doesn’t usually work out very well, but I guess I’m just a glutton for punishment.

We are also having pumpkin soup (courtesy Aeon’s Net Super home delivery service) and strawberries from relatives in Kyushu. Things from them tend to arrive whenever the kids are sick….Either great timing or they’re reading my blog. Food for thought!



Aw man! I wrote this yesterday and just realized it didn’t post properly. Sorry, lads and lasses.


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  1. suucakes
    Feb 03, 2012 @ 21:25:39

    Way to be productive! If you have any more quick-fix meals, I’d be really interested in reading those too!


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