How Exactly….The Valentine Game

did this happen?

19 boxes of chocolate wrapped and packed, one story written by yours truly complete with props created by moi, two other books with a love theme, banana bread in the oven and….

Oh wait-

I’m not in charge of this party! How exactly did this happen? Oh that’s right, I’ve done it again. Bit off more than I can chew, volunteered to help to the point of becoming detrimental to my own family and mental well being.

But, then again, I’m always a sucker for story time. Hope it goes well tomorrow. Enjoy, all!

The Valentine Game

(Parts in italics are stage directions.)

It was a cold, winter morning in Mrs. Hart’s first grade class. The children arrived at school, took off their coats, scarves, and mittens, then sat down at their desks. Mrs. Hart took roll. “Everyone is here today. That’s fantastic, because I have an important announcement.” Call out children’s names as if taking roll.She told the class that next week they would be having a party for Valentine’s Day. Everyone needed to prepare a valentine for everyone in the class.

Mrs. Love showed the class some examples.

Show Valentine card examples. I got my sister to design some with my kids’ pictures. She makes cards over at Pedaling Designs.)

A few days later, Aiko went to the store with her mommy. She picked out a box of valentine cards that had pink hearts on them. That night she worked very hard, choosing just the right card for each classmate and scribbling a short message in each.

Next portion of story is written on bottom of the “mailbox.”

The next day, Mrs. Hart gave everyone an empty tissue box. “We will make a mailbox for your friend’s to put your Valentine’s cards in,” she said. When it was finished, it looked like this.

Show example. Pull a heart shaped paper from box where next portion of story is written.

Finally the day of the Valentine’s day party arrived. The children took turns playing mailman and delivering their cards to each of the children. Aiko got many cards. Some were store bought, a few were homemade. Some had candy and stickers inside.

Then Mrs. Hart said, “Now it is my turn.” She put a red heart shaped card in each child’s box. Aiko opened it eagerly.

Pull another heart from box.

The card was empty.

Open card, blank side facing class. Back side has next portion of story.

She raised her hand.”Mrs. Hart,” she said. “You forgot to write in mine.”

“Mine, too.” “Me, too!” called children from around the room.

“This,” said their teacher. “Is my present to you: The Valentine Game.”

Have each child pull a heart from the box. Lastly, pull out one myself where the next part of the story is written.

“Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love,” Mrs. Hart said. “And unfortunately, the people we see every day are the ones we appreciate the least.” She instructed the class to move their desks into a big circle. Everyone was told to write their name on the top of the paper. Pass the paper to your left. Under the name, write one nice thing about that person. Pass the paper around, until everyone has written one nice thing about everyone else. Then lastly, place it in the mailbox.

If they can write their names, have students write name on the heart they pulled from the box. Students pass their hearts around the circle.

Aiko wasn’t sure about this at first. Could she really think of something good to say about every kid in the class? But soon she found it was not so hard. In fact, it was kind of fun.

At the end of the game, she received the paper with her name on it. It looked like this:

Show paper. Read list. On back is next part of story.

As she read it, she could feel her face turning pink. Other kids really think I’m good at jump-rope? They like my happy smile in the morning? Someone was happy I remembered their birthday? Someone thought I was brave when I asked a question in math because they were confused too, but too scared to ask? Aiko had never realized that other people were watching her, that small things she did could make others feel good. She had never thought of herself as brave or thoughtful or kind. But now she felt very proud.

One child began to cut big heart out of paper.

Cut big heart as you read from back of paper you are cutting.

“Let’s make one for Mrs. Hart!” he said. The children took turns writing about their teacher. Then everyone hung their heart, along with hers, on the bulletin board.

Have students tape their hearts onto the big heart.

That day when Aiko went home, she made several red hearts from construction paper.

Pull hearts cut, paper doll fashion so they are attached, from your pocket. Don’t open it. Next part of story is written on the first heart.

After dinner, she brought them out and told her family, “Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love. But the people we see every day are the ones we appreciate the least. Today, I am going to teach you how to play the Valentine Game.”

Unfold chain of hearts to reveal the words “The Valentine Game.” Tape heart-chain on the top of the paper that students taped their hearts on. Hang on the wall.

The End


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  1. MamaMoo
    Feb 10, 2012 @ 22:08:53

    cute game!


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