Gettin’ Lazy


Okay, so the title should technically be “Gettin’ LaziER” but that is two more letters I’d have to type already!

Some people have expressed interest (or is it horror?) at some of my lazy dinner creations, so I thought I’d add another. Feel free to stop reading now if that kind of thing offends you….

Okay, now that it’s just us, today I got my idea for the main course from a kid’s TV show. (And yes, for the record, that is a new low.) Sashimi grade salmon grilled in the frying pan, layered with tomato and cream cheese, then stuck with these cut toothpicks Me Too chose. I stir fried the asparagus first since doing the fish first gives the veggies an icky fishy smell. But I suppose YOU may have two frying pans, in which case mondai nai ne, no problemo. Broccoli left over from breakfast, fruits and corn added for color more than anything else.

The real kicker here is the “green peas rice.” Even I can’t believe this counts as a side dish. Nuked some frozen peas in the microwave for two minutes, mixed with cooked rice and a little salt. Japanese kids LOVE this stuff. Weird, right? My kids haven’t had it in a long time so I reserved some plain rice in case of emergency.

Of course the best part of the whole evening will be watching my football fan of a husband eat fish with bunny-rabbit-ballerina toothpicks.



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