The Check

The Check

I hold it in my hand again. Evidence of years of toil and worry. The product of tightened belts, making do, getting by. But not by me.

What does one do with such a thing? This was never meant for me. It was supposed to be for you. Your golden years. A rest, a respite. A rainy day, prime real estate in a retirement villa. How can I ever cash it? But it says there, right at the top:
Valid for 180 days from date of issue.

Can I trade this check for 180 days? I won’t waste them this time, I promise. Not a one. No questions unasked, no words unspoken.

Not a one.

I don’t know what to buy. I can’t get what’s really important with this, this currency, can I? I don’t know what to say


thanks, Dad.




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  1. gaijinwife
    Feb 25, 2012 @ 00:37:15

    :( It’s hard isn’t it. I’m struggling with this. Is it really in a check? Best get that in the bank and then decide. My hub thinks a chainsaw, or perhaps some nice hubcaps for his car, or perhaps a motorbike. I think perhaps a trip to Tokyo and a BBQ. I hate being spoilt for choice. Would definitely rather those 180 days.


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