I’m Gonna Wash That Gray….Maybe

Wow! I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on the “Love Your Hair” post. So let me post all y’all hair lovers a question:

Would/do/should you wash that gray right out of your hair?

If you don’t remember that Clairol commercial then I guess you’re too young to be considering this. If you’re old enough to know it was a smart take on a great shower scene musical number in South Pacific then perhaps you’ve already taken the plunge in one direction or other.

My Dad had no gray. Of course he didn’t make it to sixty, but still. He had some gray in his beard, but if you can shave it and forget it then it doesn’t really count, right? I was hoping to take after him in that way, but it looks like that may not come to fruition. I try not to look, but there are a couple of grays there in the front that I just can’t ignore. And why can’t those girls behave? Why must they stand up in all their wiry glory and yell, “Look at me! Evidence of imminent mortality!”

I don’t answer them back, of course, since that would be kooky.

I feel like I’m fading at the temples, and I am considering which camp to commit to. I’d be happy, I guess, with a head full of glorious silver. But considering how uncooperative my hair has been during the first several decades of life, I’ve got no reason to hope it would bend to my desires on this point.

So the floor is open. Please make a case for your opinion!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. illahee
    Mar 01, 2012 @ 21:40:02

    about a year ago i finally, FINALLY, got a white hair. (i am 38, btw.) i always thought i would just go with it, and it doesn’t really bother me (yet) but again, it’s not right out there in the front. in fact, i only found out about the white hair when it fell out and was sticking in the hairbrush. i think i have a few white hairs at my temples but my hair color (as in, nearly every color!) makes them hard to see. i can live with that.

    my mom first started with highlights (we tend to go to blond) when she first started noticing grey hair (again, late thirties.) then frosted. i think it’s nearly all white/grey now. i would do the highlights thing except my hair is pretty long and that would be pretty freakin expensive. so for now, i am letting the white hairs stay around.

    “i’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair.”


    • hamakkomommy
      Mar 03, 2012 @ 07:26:48

      I’ve got dark, longish hair so I don’t think the highlighting thing would work for me, either. I suppose some bangs could cover the fading at the temples, but do I really want to enslave myself to that demanding master again?

      I guess I’m trying to decide if I care or not.

      Loooovvve “South Pacific!” Interracial relationships, clashing cultures brought to you with a snappy broadway score. So ahead of it’s time. Except for that weird technicolor tinting thing. Very 1950s.

      Apparently there’s a new version coming out next year!


  2. Coco
    Mar 03, 2012 @ 05:53:00

    oh yeah, i have something to say about this too. at 37 i have a lot of grey, but it didn’t really bother me. i recently learned it has to do with my thyroid disease, so what can you do?
    the factor that was most important in deciding to cover it is being married to someone who looks way younger than i do (he still gets carded when ordering drinks)! we are hardly a matchy-matchy couple, but we both felt there was a kind of disconnect there.
    some caveats: i like the reddish colour i ended up with but it is not the colour on the nice ‘n easy box; i was trying to match my natural mousy brown. also as a wash and go kind of girl, even the relatively simple colouring process is a pain to fuss with regularly. hence i often have roots showing, defeating the purpose.
    take from that what you will, hamakkomommy, and apply to your situation.


  3. Beth
    Mar 05, 2012 @ 12:23:04

    Timely post – I was starting at my hair this morning wondering how the number of grey hairs are multiplying so quickly. Some of these hairs have taken up permanent residence. For now, I’m going to keep my hair natural. I don’t want the enslavement to hair color.

    Does culture come into play for you? My Korean MIL has immaculately black hair that she gets colored regularly. I have never noticed roots showing. Of her group of friends, I only recall seeing one that has embraced grey hair. Even some of the men color their hair. In Japan, are ladies allowed to go grey or is it frowned upon?


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