Little Bears Are Cute Too!

Ah gag, what a week this has been!

Every day I’ve been either at preschool or elementary, performing forced labor and saving the occasional life.

Plus Me First has been double-loaded with homework, both kids have been bringing home all the crud they usually keep at school that we have NO room to store, Me Too and I seem to be afflicted with the dreaded kafun-sho(hay fever)….insert excuse for crappy mothering and housekeeping here.


Me Too found out today that she will be in the “Little Bear” class next year. (Preschool classes here are usually named, while elementary classes are numbered.) This is a disaster, as far as she is concerned for two reasons: little bears are not cute (in her opinion) and the Little Bear class hat is orange. Okay, she has a point about the orange-ness, but little bears can be cute, right? And as far as orange goes, it’s kind of a bright, clean orange as opposed to a dirty, seventies, hippy orange. I mean, it’s better than the Little Sheep class. Their hat is the color of sh!t.

But such is life. Sh!t happens. Sh!t hats happen. You get used to it and move on.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Xana
    Mar 16, 2012 @ 19:11:20

    Little bears are totally adorable! I hear it’s their mommies you have to watch out for :)


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