Fighting for Justice

Fighting for Justice.

Oh god, not me. I’m much to absorbed in the minutiae of my glamourous life as a stay at home mom. But you did make me snort my champagne, so yoku yatta, well done, to you.

The non-me fighters for justice I am referring to is this group.


Of course these are the famous (or infamous depending on your perspective) Pretty Cures. My friend likes to call them “The Inappropriately Dressed Super Heros.”

And there-in lies the conundrum. On the surface, this is an idea I want to support: girls kicking ass. But really, do they have to dress like that? Do they really need so many bows and ribbons? Doesn’t a shiny pink compact seem like a strange magical object to use when one needs to transform into a “legendary warrior?”

Of course the ribbons and bows and shininess and catchy ending theme song complete with dance is why almost every little girl in Japan between the ages of 2 and 6 is obsessed with this show. And maybe it is good to reassure girls that they can be feminine and still be strong.

But then, there is the other demographic of Pretty Cure fans. Grown men. I can only assume they’re perverts. Certainly the ones who are hard core enough to spend 1800 yen to go see the freaking movie on Monday when we went seemed ick.

Contrast this with the male version Sentai Mono. Disney buys the rights to the Japanese super her shows, revamps them, and uses the original fight scenes as well as the costumes in the Power Rangers series. The Japanese version is usually light-hearted and geared for younger boys. I prefer the Disney version because the story makes more sense (as in there is at least a semblance of a story,) the guys are usually hotter (though Disney will have their work cut out in finding someone hotter than Gokai Red,) but best of all you get these great, quotable lines like

I will do whatever I have to for the Earth!

Um yeah, we kind of all feel that way, man.


Good luck Disney, this one is smokin’.

But when I checked his blog there were so many girly pictures on there. Sigh. What is with the J-women and their love of weak-looking men? I need a man who can kill a cockroach, preferably with a sword. Gokai Red could so do that. This actor on his blog, not so sure.

And now I’ve forgotten completely what I started off writing about, though I have a vague feeling it was probably not men in tight pants with swords….though perhaps all of my posts end up being about that in the end.

Oh well.


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  1. Chrysanthemummum
    Mar 21, 2012 @ 13:21:46

    My favourite is Gokai Red, too! I think it’s the coat more than anything. Reminds me of Adam and the Ants.


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