Bayside Living

Today I took the kids down to Bayside Marina, an outlet mall in south Yokohama. It’s about a twenty minute walk from our house. Unless you have my kids with you. Then it’s at least an hour. Our goal was not shopping. No, non, nein! Never go shopping there on the weekend. It’s so crowded it will make you want to seep into a crack in the pavement, where you will doubtless find a host of other crack seeping bargain shoppers.

There are three things that are great about Bayside Marina. 1)Splash Pad. It’s more of a glorified fountain, but these things are really rare in Japan. 2)Crab fishing. Behind the outlet mall there is a man-made rocky area where crabs, shrimp, and the occasional star fish like to hang out. And possibly feed on bargain shoppers who have seeped into the pavement. And 3) Entertainment. On most weekends there is some kind of somebody performing some kind of something near the splash pad. Sometimes they are really, really bad. I like those times. Sometimes, like today, they are really, really good. Kids get exposed to some culture for a change, great! The good groups usually have at least a couple of creepy fans. That’s fun for me.

Today there was a mini-concert by this group.


They call themselves “Style 3” apparently. I liked them because it is the first time I’ve ever seen someone play the violin AND do a high kick. Like five times.

The fans didn’t disappoint, either. A big group of folks in their fifties or thereabouts were gathered in front of the outdoor stage and had these clapping routines they did with the music. Unfortunately the fans did not high kick. Oh well, can’t have everything I guess.


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  1. Beth
    Mar 27, 2012 @ 13:11:03

    I’m stretching my imagination to figure out how a high kick and violin go together. Was the kick done simultaneously with the playing? If so, did the landing cause the bow to jump?


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