Evil, Thy Name is Mother


I. Am. Evil. Maybe.

I just fed my children these chocolate muffins I made. They have both whole wheat AND oatmeal in them. Evil genius, non?

(I also just noticed that when I try to type the word “fed” autocorrect changes it to f’ed. More evidence of my evilness, I suppose.)

Both kids are on spring break. That means my house now officially qualifies as one of the seven layers of hell. You know, the messy one. Good god, it’s awful. And even more awful is the fact that I have so much sh!t I have to do on top of the normal sh!t to get the kids ready for the next school year.

Mostly, it’s Sister who needs a bunch of stuff, but Brother’s spring break is shorter so I’m kind of at a loss as to how to even go about getting started. There is lots of sewing and sticking of name stickers, etc., that needs to be done, but every time I try to get to it the kids want to “help.”

Take yesterday for example. I needed to mend Me Too’s preschool uniform. The skirt and shirt are new, but the blazer and hats are hand me downs from Me First. I’m sure you can imagine what kind of state they were in. This was kind of urgent since we were taking Me Too to have her Entrance Ceremony pictures made. Yesterday. Morning. I guess you could say Procrastination and I are old friends.

So I got out the thread and scissors, etc. Immediately a swarm of children fell upon me begging to help. (You may think that two doesn’t qualify as a swarm. In that case I cordially invite you to come over here and try to get any kind of work done. We’ll soon agree on this point.)

I really want my son to be able to do some of this kind of stuff on his own. No one has really told him yet that sewing is for girls, or ballet either. He had a great time at a trial lesson intended for his sister the other day. But that’s another subject for another day.

He’s seven. I figured I’d let him try to thread the needle, and if he could do that then I’d let him sew a little bit. I enjoyed doing that when I was his age, too. As opposed to not enjoying it so much at the age I am now. He threaded the needle on the first try! Made me look bad, dammit. But I am still dealing with two swollen knuckles on my left hand. So there.

He made a little pocket to hold stuff with. Did a really good job. Then, of course, Me Too wanted to try. I’m not Brittish, but bloody hell, I thought she’d put her eye out.


We all managed to survive with all of our eyeballs in tact, as far as I can tell. The mending operation that should have taken about thirty minutes ended up being more like ninety.

In the evening, I managed to get around to doing her school shoes. These little ones can’t read, and they all wear the same white shoes at school. So most moms decorate them somehow so the kids know which one is theirs.

Me Too is going with a Minnie Mouse theme for her school stuff. I’ll post this photo and then pray to god I don’t get sued.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Xana
    Mar 27, 2012 @ 20:31:18

    Cute shoes! Did you sew those on? Fingers of steel!

    At least no math set this year. Late March/early April used to be one of my favorite times of year, but no more. Mess, extra work, labels, and general chaos. plus having to make three actual meals every day. Bleah.



    • hamakkomommy
      Mar 27, 2012 @ 22:02:20

      I bought the insoles at Daiei. They came with a guide so you can cut them to the right size, and it fit in the shoes perfectly. The part on the front of the shoes I drew. Daughter was disappointed there was no face, but I only have black and pink fabric pens. Plus I am neither an artist or an overachiever.

      Making three proper meals a stinks! Son used to be perfectly happy with a pb&j for lunch but now he expects a nice, hot meal. Damn those $B5k?)(B ladies!

      Will have to break out the sewing machine tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll survive. Me First kindly got out the instructional DVD this afternoon. Not a good omen, is it?


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