Can’t Fight City Hall

Suffice it to say that I have never had a good experience at the municipal office, and today is no exception. I never seem to be able to get anything done in one go. I also fail to understand why the clerks there insist on seeing my passport. The number and expiration date are right there on my gaijin card. And I’m a pernanent resident so it’s not like my visa status is gonna change. But it’s policy, common sense and law of the land be damned!

The clerk today suggested I should come back on the weekend, but couldn’t say if the dept I need will be available then or not.


So now I have the pleasure of deciding which of my children’s playdates to cancel so I can spend another entire day coming down here AGAIN. Or of course I could come back on the weekend and test my luck.


At least there is a park nearby that the kids are enjoying. But I gotta remind Me First that stating random facts about animal species does not in actuality substitute for words of greeting. He just walked up to a little girl and said,”Did you know ants use their antennae kind of like we use eyes? They see things through feeling!” then outs his fingers on his head like antennae and wiggled them around. Little girl ran off.

Smart girl.


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  1. gaijinwife
    Mar 30, 2012 @ 08:55:29

    LOL – at least he’ll learn at a young age that going up and stating animal facts and wriggling fingers round like antennae will only scare the girls. Priceless. Even down here, where there are no other foreigners (hardly) going to the city hall is painful. Nobody else there and they still tell me to go off and do my shopping for forty minutes while they print something out or ring someone to check something. Useless. Hope you get your stuff sorted without having to cancel any play dates.


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