The Calm Before The Storm

We are expecting some very bad weather in the Hama later in the day. Typhoon force winds and heavy rain are predicted for this afternoon. You wouldn’t know it to be outside now, though. The breeze is a little strong, but the sun is shining and the birds are chirping.

We were supposed to go to a barbecue this afternoon, but it’s been cancelled. Me First has a karate class this evening, but I’m not even considering going. That means today is a long stretch of nothing to be spent however we like, typhoon notwithstanding.

Of course the children were up around six. When we have a schedule to keep then I can never seem to get both kids up and ready in a timely manner. Today we managed to do that, plus do laundry, make bread dough, exercise, and create/fight over the Aquabeads all before 9am. There is probably a name for this particular law of astrophysics, when things go smoothly only when it doesn’t matter, but I don’t know what it is. Probably because it doesn’t really matter.

Today is the last real day of spring break. Tomorrow the new 2nd graders have to go in for an hour or so to practice a song they will sing at the entrance ceremony the next day. It kind of sucks because they go in around lunch time, so basically the whole day gets wasted.

We’re at the park getting our energy out while we can. This afternoon we’re gonna make doughnuts and engage in some lively rounds of go fish. There may be popcorn involved. At some point I need to bring in the various strollers, scooters, and play apparatus that tend to collect on the landing outside. Maybe I’ll even get around to Me Too’s preschool prep. The clock is ticking, after all, and to have put it off this long is an impressive accomplishment, even for a seasoned procrastinator like me.

But for now we are just (pardon the paraphrase)gathering rosebuds while we may (oldtime he is a’flyin’) and enjoying the calm before the storm.


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  1. gaijinwife
    Apr 03, 2012 @ 12:37:00

    I have just finished naming crayons, markers, playdoh utensils, pastels, scissors … … … Gave up in the end and just wrote まりな instead of her full name like I am sure I’m meant to do. Am about to do a once round the house to bring in fly awayable objects but I ‘don’t think’ it will be as bad down here as you guys will get it. Donuts and popcorn sounds fun. Hope the kids are good :)


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