The Crazy Begins… NOW

Me Too had her entrance ceremony today. Of course today was also the day I was supposed to take a turn walking the neighborhood kids to school. There was no way I could do that and still get to preschool on time, so I asked HRH well in advance to take the walking duty, considering it’s not like he would be busy helping the kids get ready or anything. Of course this morning he claimed to have forgotten and acted like it was a big sacrifice to be dragged away from e-mailing with work on his day off. Turned out to be actually only a morning off, since he went to work straight from preschool as soon as the ceremony finished.

Me Too’s teacher is a brand spanking new. I’m not entirely sure she’s a legal adult. Great. The dads will be happy.

We got handed loads of paperwork, one sheet of which informed us when we should come for the parent teacher conference. This just happens to be on the same day and at the same time when I have to be at Me First’s school for evacuation pick up practice. The city times this stuff, and considering that everyone says the Big One is imminent, I feel like I really need to go.

Between times A and B, the school sends out a text message and everyone goes and picks up their kid. Sister’s thing goes exactly the same time, A to B. Even if I asked the Outlaws to do the pick up, I’m still the one who gets the message. At best, I would have to call them and interrupt Me Too’ s interview. Given the grandparents’ track record, though, there’s at least a 90% probability they’d screw it up.

So I explained the situation and asked New Teacher to reschedule the conference.

Only she didn’t know what I was talking about.


The preschool does the same thing, so I guess she’ll figure it out.

The only time she could reschedule turned out to be the time I need to be at home when Brother comes home from school. I guess I’ll have to put him into the after school program since he is too small to be home by himself, though I realize most Japanese moms feel differently.

So the crazy starts now, folks. Two schools with separate systems and schedules and already enough paperwork to have been responsible for some significant deforestation.

Sorry, trees.

I remember this being a really hard transition for Brother, but I’m hoping it will go more smoothly this time around.

Tomorrow the dreaded preschool PTA roles will be decided. That’s right, we get to start the school year off with a two hour long meeting. It should be good practice for another meeting at Brother’s school on Friday I have to drag Me Too to after preschool. If she gets out of hand we’ll leave early. I had to do that one day last year and apparently it wasn’t the end of the world. Who knew?


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