I wonder…..

I wonder how HRH views me sometimes.

He just came home briefly after a business trip to Bonjour and Cheese Town(Me Too’s words, not mine.) He obviously assumed I’d be home. He also assumed there would be something for him to have for lunch, which wouldn’t normally be the case. Me Too and I just happened to be making pizza, per her request, and the kitchen was a floury, dusty, tomato sauce-y mess.

She’d been crying for about thirty minutes straight because she saw me give a bag of potato chips to the neighbor. Sister has a parent-teacher conference this afternoon at precisely the same time Brother comes home from school. I asked the neighbor to watch him for what will hopefully be just a few minutes until we come home. But she has three boys of her own. They’ll need potato chips.

So Me Too was jealous that she won’t be having any chips. Amazing how what is actually a bad thing for the older child gets twisted around in her mind into something to be jealous of.

So anyway, Daddy came home to a floury, sticky, sweaty, tearful mess. But now everything is more or less tidied up.

Do you think he ever feels amazed by the fact that he leaves a house in danger of getting an OSHA violation and comes home most days to something a little less disgusting? Or by my ability to take groceries and turn them into meals?

He’s a man, after all. Does he even notice? He complains when things get out of hand, but does he notice on a day like today when I’ve done a lot?

Reminds me of a joke.

Husband comes home one day to find the house a wreck, the baby crying and covered in poop, food burning on the stove, brother and sister wrestling on the floor, the cat meowing like crazy and the dog cowering in the corner

“What the hell happened here?” He asks his wife.

“Know how you ask me every day what I did all day? Well, today I didn’t do it.”

Badum dum.


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