asthma sucks

Asthma sucks.

Me Too’s doctor throws around words like “bronchial asthma” and “reactive airway disease” as if it’s no big deal. As if she didn’t just spend an entire night without more than five minutes of continuous sleep, as if it isn’t unusual that she coughed until she threw up three times, as if getting so croupy that we had to spend an hour in the shower room breathing steam to help her stop that horrible barking cough is just a normal part of childhood. He says confidently that she’ll grow out of it, as if that should be a comfort, as if that somehow magically will make her feel better NOW.

He gives her a breathing treament to stop the attack that’s been in progress for almost twelve hours, then suggests that she can now go to school. How in good conscience can I send a child who has had less than two hours of sleep to school? Her tummy hurts from coughing all night, we are both feeling feverish and wretched from lack of sleep.

Of course I don’t send send her. We cuddle on the couch watching Dora and eating udon noodles. Eventually her medicine kicks in and she falls into a fitful sleep.

But I’m awake, and questioning myself. I want to take her to a specialist. HRH doesn’t want to offend her pediatrician. Very Japanese attitude that I just cannot understand. We used to go to the hospital for this, but once brother started school it became impractical since a hospital trip takes all day.

And here we are.


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  1. Kym (@kymmytha)
    Apr 21, 2012 @ 10:08:06

    Those sleepless nights are the worst! My son was like that, his doc here in Kamakura said it was an asthmatic cough, and put him on a daily dose of Singulair for a month (10 mg I think), and that reeeeally helped. Don’t know if it applies in your daughter’s case, but apparently the cold was contributing to the asthmatic symptoms. Singulair is also working well for a couple of friends’ sons. Not sure why asthma seems to be so prevalent these days. :( Maybe they’re just diagnosing it better?
    Anyway, I’ve tried two other paediatricians in this town, and they both annoyed the hell out of me in their own special ways. Don’t question yourself – you know what you have to do!


  2. Katee
    Apr 21, 2012 @ 12:45:28

    I’m so sorry your daughter has to go through that. I was lucky enough to only get that “sports” asthma stuff that I get when my heart rate gets too high. Can’t imagine having this as a young girl. I hope you’re able to get her the medicine/treatment she needs to get better. And I do hope she grows out of it. Asthma’s the worst.


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