Nighttime Olympics

A curious phenomenon overtakes the Hamakko children after they’ve eaten their suppers and taken their baths. During the cool hour of dusk where in other houses other children are rubbing tired eyes and heading off to Dreamland, the Hamakko Hellions are getting their second wind.

It never fails, they go straight from the bath to the wrestling ring. After rolling about and nipping like puppies they get down to business, fighting over which stories to read and who will read first and who will sleep where and I want to be in the middle and I’m thirsty then I need to use the bathroom but me first then no I can’t hold it MOMMY!!!


After much rending of clothing and gnashing of teeth they finally settle down. Once they agree to be still Me Too usually falls immediately asleep.

More likely than not I’m exhausted by the Nighttime Olympics and fall asleep myself.

We wake up in the morning, slowly at first, then pick up our pace just in time for the Morning Madness.

This is often followed by the Long Afternoon which gives way abruptly to Homework Hell. Then before you know it it’s Already Five, which means dinner and a bath, then time for the next Olympics.

Never a dull moment, for better or for worse.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Xana
    May 10, 2012 @ 12:17:54

    I think the “other houses other children” may be a myth. If they exist, clearly their parents are in possession of secret knowledge not to be shared with lowly frazzled moms like us. Or maybe they just drug them?


  2. Susie Eichel
    May 15, 2012 @ 04:40:47

    I read your title thinking immediately you were talking about the mister and missus nighttime olympics :p I guess you mean the G rated ones! I don’t have kids but I see my friends try to wrestle their little muffin down for bed. I could only imagine that doubled!


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