Evil Genius, or Just Evil?

I did a very bad thing yesterday.


I took apart HRH’s CD stand. No, that wasn’t the bad part, since he told me I could do that. After all, he hasn’t used it to store CDs in since 2005. They’ve been in six packing boxes taking up half of the room in our one and only closet. (Do you think he’ll notice if I throw them away? I know for a fact he hasn’t once opened the boxes since we moved here in 2007.)

The bad thing I did was this:

I took one part of the CD stand and moved it into the living room, then filled it with the kids’ smaller books. I did this knowing the f’er was not very sturdy, though not dangerous, and with the full understanding that HRH would bitch about it to no end. (Which he did, ad infintum.)

All because I want to buy a bookcase.

Why would you be so sneaky, so passive-aggressive, you ask? Because we have, I kid you not, about a thousand books in this house and NOT ONE place to store them.

They are stacked against walls; they cover the (plastic) dresser, they take up the closet, they collect dust bunnies. Hope you aren’t looking for a particular book, because in this house you will NEVER find it (though you might find a hundred that are similar.)

I’ve heard this look, books stacked floor to ceiling, worked for Jackie O. in her Park Avenue bachelorette pad, but I suspect she probably had a cleaning lady to come organize them, or at least banish the dust bunnies. At any rate, I’m no Jacki O and this look ain’t working in our rabbit hutch.

I have tried to convince HRH to buy a bookcase using sensible, rational means, but that hasn’t worked. Not because we can’t afford it, because we could, but for some reason this man does not want to spend money on anything to do with our house. He is really only here to eat twice and sleep, so maybe it doesn’t bother him. But I’m here twenty-three hours a day most days. And


Tune in next time to see how Operation Dog Ear progresses.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Alessandra
    May 15, 2012 @ 22:40:00

    Why can’t you go out and get it yourself?


  2. Perogyo
    May 16, 2012 @ 07:32:59

    Good luck!


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