First You Divide, and Then You Conquer

Yesterday Me Too suddenly declared that she wanted to go to after-care at her preschool. I was kind of surprised, since Brother never ever wanted to go. On the few absolutely unavoidable occasions when he did, he stood by the door the entire time making his Ugly Baby face. You know the one, where the pooch out their pout and squelch up their eyes and puff up their cheeks like a newborn passing meconium. Or a poisonous tree frog.

So I paid the four hundred yen so she could stay for an extra hour or two, then proceeded to piss away the rest of the day. It happens sometimes. Some days I am super dee dooper fruitful and other days I get off an an emotional tangent and just can’t seem to recover. Yesterday was the latter.

I met Me First after school and he was all like
Death StareWhat are you doing here?More Death Stare.

I graciously informed him that his sister had insisted on going to the unicorn class (that’s what they call the after care. Beats me) and that I would now be taking him out for ice cream, just the two of us.

“A date!” he squealed, and grabbed my hand in full view of his friends.

Tee hee.

So we had our ice cream, and he spent the whole time talking about imaginary dinosaurs and other things I couldn’t really comprehend, being over thirty and grounded more or less in reality. But it was fun.

And then, lo and behold, he spent the rest of the evening being extremely well behaved. Even when Sister lost it at the dinner table and turned into a humanesque monstrosity at bedtime.

I guess he probably needs more one on one attention than I am able to give him, which most of the time is zero. But I think I’ll try to divide them up like that more often, especially if it means we can conquer the homework hissy fits.


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