The Scourge of the Girly Men

Ride on any train here in the metro area, and you’re sure to notice it: the scourge of the girly men. Forget the ninjas and Last Samurai manly types of yore, these days being lanky, plucked of brow and fluffed of hair are the “men” the girls like. It’s a little hard for a woman like me to understand. I need a man who can kill a cockroach, after all. If he can drive and/or bench press a tractor, then all the better.

The femi-men are referred to here as “herbivores.” In contrast, an aggressive female is a carnivore. I’m sure there’s lots of giggling going on these days in high school biology classes.

Any drug store or supermarket worth it’s smelling salts carry a section of “men’s cosme,” cosmetics for men. These range from the expected aftershaves and other masculine mystique products that smell a lot like deer pee (in a good way) to pore strips and hair removers for men.

What’s the world coming to, eh? A Japanese friend didn’t believe me when I told her that Tom Seleck was my idea of a top notch manly specimen. She seems to like “moyashiko,” bean sprout boys.

Good for her. More for me!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gaijinwife
    May 31, 2012 @ 20:58:55

    I know someone that can drive a tractor :) Well, not personally. Just OF them, through some gal I know.


  2. Susie Eichel
    Jun 01, 2012 @ 00:50:31

    Oh my god it’s happening here in the states too! I kid you not. I have one brother that manicures his hands and brow hair more than I ever have!!! I guess his fiance likes a pretty man. My other brother flat irons and styles his hair in ways that make me jealous. I think over all it’s taking longer for men to get ready to go out than women because of the ‘girly man’ I am so glad my mister is rough around the edges… lanky but still a manly man. I have to ask him to shave when he starts looking mountain man like.


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