I had a horrible dream last night. Me First and I were sitting on a deck overlooking a river while Me Too and HRH played in the water. I kept yelling at them that they were getting too rowdy and to get out, but of course HRH didn’t listen and Me Too ended up getting swept down into a whirlpool. I was desperately looking for her when I woke up

In a cold sweat

And really pissed off at my husband. I know that isn’t rational, but being rational isn’t exactly my strong point.

Anyway, after that I required a drink of water, and then a potty break. Then I checked to make sure everyone was breathing. It took a while but finally I managed to get back to sleep.

Then around four a.m. we were all shaken awake by yet another earthquake. (If they can wake you up, then usually that means they are quite strong.) The kids rolled back into slumberland pretty easily, as does the hubby I was still (perhaps) unrationally mad at, but not me. I went from one set of fears, more or less unfounded, to another set that is very very real.

It seemed like I would be up with my thoughts all night, until I woke up. At seven-freaking a.m. This is a major oversleep- I’m usually up by six. Thankfully it is Wednesday and Me Too doesn’t need a lunch box.

Excuse me while I wipe the sweat from my brow. Whew.

I’ve been feeling wound up and anxious all morning.

And still really really pissed off at HRH.



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  1. gaijinwife
    Jun 06, 2012 @ 15:17:22

    Our husbands can’t win can they :) When they aren’t fu**ing us off in real life we just dream about them pissing us off! I’d be a sweaty basket case if I lived up your way – especially earthquakes in the middle of the night. Actually no, I think an earthquake in the middle of the day when I couldn’t get to everyone straight away would be worse. Arrrgghhhhh. You see, I think a week down in the sticks with no husband and no earthquake would be the ticket :)


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