Cooking with Children

Cooking with children can be fun. Especially if you have that amazing clean-up-picker-upper contraption that from The Cat in the Hat, and if you don’t give a rat’s hairy ass how the food you are preparing together turns out.

If you, like me, hate having egg on your face (literally of course) as well as all over your freakishly small kitchen (“That isn’t a picture of the dollhouse, Mom!”), or if you would actually prefer your time in the kitchen to result in something edible as opposed to something resembling a science experiment gone terribly, terribly wrong, then please do not attempt to cook with children. Or not mine, anyway.

But dang it y’all, sometimes a gal just gotta have her carrot cake. So in spite of previous misadventures with mon petit chef, I let Me Too in the kitchen where she promptly attempted to grate half her finger off.

(T . T)

We did eventually emerge with all our phalanges in tact. (Okay, I haven’t actually checked any feet so that pronouncement may be premature.)

And the cupcakes look like they might even be edible!


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