For the Kids?

One of the first things the casual observer may notice about Japan, besides how skinny everyone seems (25% of the population is underweight according to a recent news report,) is how people who outwardly appear to be adults can get away with some pretty childlike shizit.

Take, for example, Halloween at Tokyo Disneyland. Take it and don’t bring it back ’cause so help me gawd I will never make the mistake of taking the Hamakko kidlets there ever again.

That memory is too painful to think about, so let’s just take ANY day at Tokyo Disneyland. There are certain to be more groups there without children than with them. They clog the line to meet Mickey Mouse. They take up all the space in the kid friendly restaurants. They cut in front of Me Too when she was waiting to have her made with Mary Poppins. (Who told those mean grown-ups to wait, good woman that she is.) They pushed in front of us so the kids couldn’t see the parade.

But this wasn’t where I was going with this post and now I’m all pissed off. D@mn grown-ups.

Anyway, many things that are deemed as being strictly for children in the US are free to everyone here. Hair in pigtails? Go for it. Non-ironic cartoon character clothing? Be my guest. Hello Kitty inspired home decor? Babe, we got a store for that!

In some ways, it is certainly nice to embrace your inner child. In other ways, it’s just creepy.

Sooo, what do you think?


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  1. Lost in Tokyo
    Sep 06, 2012 @ 20:21:16

    The people cutting in line in front of you probably haven’t even seen Mary Poppins or know who Mary Poppins is! (Most likely…)


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