Music and the Savage Beast

Last night after we consumed the obligatory Independence Day hamburgers and watermelon (whose seeds, incidentally the kids cannot spit the required distance and thus will not be able to claim residency south of the Mason-Dixon,) and after a long bath, the kids and I settled into bed with the iPad.

With all the Fourth of July food prep, apparently I was humming “America the Beautiful” under my breath. There’s a joke in there somewhere about taking a girl out out the country, right?

Anyway, I couldn’t remember all the words to all the verses, and Me First wanted to hear it so we went a-YouTube-ing.

We found, as Sister likes to say, a gajillion versions. But Brother’s favorite was definitively the one done by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Doesn’t that seem like an odd choice? I mean, Sister’s favorite “America Song” was “This Land is Your Land.” It’s upbeat, the words are easy to understand, it just seems like something kids would like.

But Brother’s choice is hard-core choir music. (Something tells me this might be the first time I’ve ever used the words “hard-core” and “choir” together!) I love choir music, too. I was in the chorus all through jr high and high school and part of college. It wasn’t any fun at college so I stopped, but anyway.

So all this got me thinking that maybe I should do something to encourage their love of music. We have an electric piano, though HRH seems to think it’s a catch-all for whatever he wants to stack there. I don’t want to commit the kids to lessons because then there’s the whole “Thou shalt practice every day or short shall be the temper of thy mother” factor. Should I try teaching them myself? My Dad tried to teach me when I was little. I think it may have been the longest week of his life.

It would probably be very therapeutic for Me First to have something like music to turn to when his savage beast needs soothing. Maybe we could enjoy it together. Maybe it would just turn into something else we struggle over.

Anyone have any experience or advice about teaching your own children piano?


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  1. Mom
    Jul 11, 2012 @ 05:46:34

    Shall I check and see if Mr. Snead is available while you are in the US? Just kidding…


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