Ashes to Ashes


Sorry for the brief hiatus there.

We have been doing really important, monumental things like playing in the garden hose, catching fireflies, “visiting,” and “having company.” All those small town southern things people do without ever appreciating the uniqueness of it, as we languish on back porches recovering from the heat of the day with a glass of (iced sweet) tea, or wine (for the backsliders amongst us.)

Yesterday my sister, brother (plus one,) and cousin took Dad’s ashes up to Table Rock and sprinkled them into the wind. I’d thought this was a really important occasion I needed to be a part of, but when we got there and were facing a three mile (each way) hike up a freakin’ mountain in 98F (37C) temperatures complete with soul crushing humidity, I thought better of it. And that was before I saw the “Frequent Bear Sitings” signs.

It was important to my sister. I stayed at the lake and took the kids swimming (there were six of varying ages between 4-15.) That was hard enough. My cousin made it halfway up Table Rock and then came back. Plus One doesn’t seem like an outdoorsy type, she did the best she could. They all came back three hours later, tired and stinky.

Strangely enough, Dad’s ashes did not block out the sun. No flights were cancelled. No animals were harmed.

And that was that.


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  1. gaijinwife
    Jul 30, 2012 @ 21:26:47

    I wonder how I’ll feel in October when we do ours. Kind of nice that your Dad’s has been done now though – is it? I think I like the thought of mum and dad not being in a box on the shelf anymore.


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