Park It

Summer holidays stink in a lot of ways. The kids and I get up and out for Radio Taiso by 6:30, come home and have breakfast, do some homework, and then there’s a whole lot of day left to do… Well, that is precisely the problem. It’s too hot to play outside, and I don’t like to go to the pool more than every other day. It’s exhausting. All of it is but the pool part especially so. You spend a couple hours in the hot sun on hyper alert so no one drowns, then come home to an extra load of laudry that needs to be washed and put out asap since there isn’t enough veranda space to accomodate the extras the next day, and god forbid the husband’s laundry doesn’t get done for one friggin day. The world may very well cease turning.

Then there is lunch to be made. The Boy eats too much to take him out much. I don’t see how the school feeds him for a mere 5000 yen a month. I think he’s probably costing me that much extra every single week.

After lunch comes the heat of the day. Cicadas rattle “me me meee” as loud as two-year-olds. The house gets hot and tempers flare. The kids beg to watch TV, but I need to save the Big Guns for later when I have to make dinner and clean up whatever horrible mess they’ve managed to make that day. Somehow, there’s always a horrible mess regardless of whether we’ve been home or not.

But now we seem to have turned the corner. I can almost feel the Earth begin to tilt away from the sun. Or maybe that’s heat exhaustion and need of a good, cold Corona followed by some spicy Mexican food.

The last day or two have not been too hot for playing outside, as long as it is in the morning or late afternoon.

Me First has started back at school, although only in the mornings. In some ways, that is aggravating since I can’t go anywhere or do anything for myself, as the hole in my sandal can attest to. But Brother comes home hungry and not overtired. We have plenty of time for a proper lunch and a leisurely afternoon, the latter part we can spend outside and still be home in time for homework and dinner and all the rest of it.

I’m savoring it while I can. Soon enough preschool will start back, school will go to full time, and we’ll be pulled in a million different directions, most of which I’d rather not go in.

If only we could say to time and society and The Man or whatever to “park it” for a bit longer so the kids can be kids and just play outside. But I’m not Fonzie so when I talk The Man doesn’t notice.

Eeeeehhh(two thumbs up Fonzie style)


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