Finished with “Five”


The book I’m working on for Me Too’s birthday is finished! My drawing sucks, as usual, but here is one I’m not too unhappy with. In case you’ve forgotten, here is the text:


Congratulations-you’re five!
Five is a great number.
Like five fingers on top
And five toes way down under.

You might not have heard yet
But five is the age
When you get to take
your first turn on the stage.

At five, you’ll have Sports Day.
You’ll sit with your class.
Mommy will wave at you
As you run past.

You’ll have tea parties
With cups that can break.
You’ll have your first turn cutting
Your own birthday cake.

You might be surprised
When you notice one morning
That a tooth has come loose
Without even a warning!

It might wiggle and waggle
And move to and fro
Until it pops out
So a new tooth can grow.

Your five year old arms
And your five year old feet
Will grow strong and fast
From the food that you eat.

Your five year old mind
Will learn so much that is new:
To read and to write
About wonderful you!

You’ll right lots of rights
And you might wrong wrongs, too.
Just like all five year olds
And grown ups do.

The rights will feel good
And the wrongs will feel bad.
That means your heart’s true
And that makes Mommy glad.

Yes, five is a fabulous number to be.
Thank you for sharing your five time with me.


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