Two Fevers and One Foot in an Eye

Me First was being really cooperative yesterday afternoon. He wanted to vacuum; he wanted to mop. He voluntarily made an entry in his English journal. Both kids voluntarily cleaned up their toys. They did it right the first time.

I should have known something was wrong. It was all too weird.

After baths and stories, I noticed Me First felt a little hot. I took his temperature and -holy cow- where did that come from?

He’s been in an awful way all day, poor little lamb.

This morning, Me Too woke up with a fever as well, though not as fantastic as her brother’s. She’d been complaining of a tummy ache the day before, which I had just associated with the usual post weekend Jiji-and-Baba-fed-me-too-many-sweets-when-Mommy-wasn’t-looking tummy ache.

She is supposed to have a birthday thing at school tomorrow, as well as her first swimming lesson. She’s been looking forward to both so much! Poor thing.

Brother has been feeling the left side of awful all day, but Sister has been relatively genki. Which sucks for him. She can’t seem to leave him alone. At one point she kicked him in the eye, accidentally (I think,) and he just lost it. Meltdown city, it ain’t pretty.

Of course, this means I’ve spent the day like Cinderella on constant call, but with no ball to look forward to. And I don’t think I’ve lost any shoes, but I’ll go check….Okay shoes are all there, so actually not like Cinderella at all. Somebody loan me a simile?

Have a bit of a headache and sore throat myself, but I don’t know if that’s from being sick or being WITH sick. They are both pretty exhausting.


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