Pie of my Eye

For some reason, my kids really like to watch cooking shows. Actually, I need to rephrase that. They like to watch British cooking shows. I can only guess it’s because of the measuring, carefulness, and precise pronunciation, which is a far cry from the science-experimentish, sailor-mouthed cooking they see me do at home. They got all excited yesterday about a shepherd’s pie. I tried to tell them that was, like, the worst item on the school lunch menu when I was growing up, but I guess they were convinced by the accent.

So we were all set to have shepherd’s pie for dinner. Until they saw the next segment, anyway. Next was an apple pastry with cheese in the crust. This caught my eye, too, because it called for a hard cheese.

Oh yeah, man have I got some hard cheese.

HRH has to travel through Amsterdam a lot for work. He always brings home these huge wheels of cheese. But he can’t read Dutch. Neither can I. So we have no idea what it is we’re dealing with until I try to slice the sucker.

Recently he brought home some “cheese” so hard I couldn’t dent it. I suspected it may have actually been a hockey puck. I mean, it was black and round. HRH insisted it was too big to be a hockey puck. I told him the Dutch are huge people and maybe they need giant freaking hockey pucks. After all, a group of these giant men approached me in an airport in America and asked me if I was a grown up or not. Apparently at 5’2″ I’m like a ten-year-old to them. HRH laughed about that, but he didn’t appreciate my hockey puck humor.


Me Too loves apple pie. She’s always asking me to make it. We’ve kind of gotten away from our homemade snack time routine, and with me still trying to limit the kids’ sugar intake, snack time has been a boring cycle of “something on crackers.” So I decided to try for the pie.

Me Too didn’t want cheese in hers, fine. So I made two sets of crusts. Me Too will only eat the apples. Me First will only eat the crust. There’s a nursery rhyme in here somewhere, right? Oh well, at least they got a homemade snack, even if it wasn’t exactly like what they saw on TV. I got kind of tired of all the measuring business halfway through and went all rogue on my pie. But it’s edible, so I’ll call it a success!


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