A Big Bundle of Worry

That would be me right now, a big bundle of worry. It isn’t just one thing. No, of course not. As usual it’s a hundred things at once.

I think I may have mentioned how Me Too’s preschool’s annual field trip to the beach was cancelled this year. Then again, maybe I didn’t. I write a lot more than I publish here. (Scary thought that what you read is what made it through the filter, right?) The reason given for cancelling the field trip was that there was nowhere nearby to evacuate if an earthquake occurred, the area was vulnerable to tsunami and liquification, and the water is slightly radioactive.

Sound reasoning, I think. We don’t take chances with the lives of little children.

Then yesterday I received a notice from Me First’s school. This year the first and second grade field trip will be to… But you already know, don’t you? The same f@cking beach.

Somebody help me stop my head. It’s spinning out of control.

I understand, in a logical way, that the chances of something happening are small. I do. But I’ve never been one to base decisions on logic. But how do you tell a kid he can’t go with his friends because Mommy is scared?

The other thing that’s caught my worrying eye is that the preschool potato dig is still on. I was hoping they’d cancel it. As if it isn’t bad enough that all of Yokohama was covered in fallout last year, this farm is in spitting distance (if you’re a practiced spitter like me,) of an incenerator where they’re burning radioactive debris every damn day. Me Too hates potatoes, so I don’t have to worry about her eating them, but she’ll be digging around in the dirt and then eating her lunch…

I know a little isn’t likely to hurt, but there’s just so much little I can’t control that I want to clamp down on what I can.

I also know I can’t truly be objective about any of this after watching Dad die from lymphoma.

Then there are all the usual worries about friends and grades and whether or not they eat enough veggies, will current tensions lead to war with China, does God exhist and if so have I pissed him off…

Yep, a big, fat bundle o’worry.


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  1. americanlostintokyo
    Oct 03, 2012 @ 22:55:34

    I’m not sure if schools logically decide anything here.
    My worst experience with schools so far was with my daughter’s preschool/kindergarten. So far, elementary school has been OK for the past 2 years…but maybe I have just gotten used to things.

    Like…why can’t preschool/kindergartens decide to cancel school or activities the night before—when they know it is going to snow? when they know a typhoon is going to hit the area? when they know the number of influenza cases is going to exceed XX amount the next day????? Why did we have to use that totally horrible RENRAKU MOU at 7am to contact every single mother to tell them the school had decided to cancel the activity, etc.

    One of my very worst youchien memories was when my daughter had to go on a group trip to Gunma or Nagano for one night. Why even try to separate a 5 year old for the night?

    (I have nothing to say for the elementary school…) But at least your preschool goes through the logic that there is no evacuation route..waters might be slightly radiated…etc.

    This was prior to the earthquake…but how can a kindergarten say that taking kids to some small hamlet in Gunma or Nagano far away from any major medical facility (general hospital, etc.) is safe??? If any child has any trouble…be it allergic reaction, injury, broken bones, seizure, etc., how can the kindergarten judge this situation to be safe? And, although we the parents are on call 24 hours waiting here in Tokyo, how can we go to assist our 5 year old who is a good 3 hour drive away?!

    These are all questions that I would have liked for my daughter’s kindergarten to answer—logically, of course. Did I get any logical answers—No… I was just left with 24 hours of hell and worry.

    I would also like to know where the “discrepancy” in judgement between these two schools originates…but whether I would ever get an answer??? Unfortunately, probably not. : (


    • hamakkomommy
      Oct 04, 2012 @ 07:07:53

      The preschool has changed a lot since the earthquake. I’ve really been surprised. When that happened, my son was in nen-cho, and the lack of preplanning was disturbing. Back then, we had a renrakumou, too, but they have changed that to an e-mail system.Still in the morning on the day of, but at least I don’t have to call someone else. Lots of other preschool related things are still a pain in the rear, though.

      I think seeing how much the preschool has changed (it’s only been a gap of two years when I didn’t have a child there,) makes me frustrated with how long it takes the elementary school to change. But school is part of the city government and probably can’t just change things around so easily.


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