Blurry Line in the Sand

HRH has a number of annoying habits: using the potty with the door open, leaving his pjs on the floor Every Damn Day. But one that annoys me most is his habit of changing his plans at the last moment.

He was supposed to go out with friends tonight. That works out great for me because the kids have karate until 6. If dad doesn’t need dinner, then we’ll just pb&j it. Actually, today was going to be rice balls and soup, which is the pb&j of Japanese cuisine.

I need to get the kids Halloween costumes, which requires a trip to Toysrus.

I can hear those of you who have kids groaning and rubbing your temples.

This is one trip I’d really prefer to make alone. Me First has Sports Day this weekend, Monday and Tuesday off from school yadda yadda yadda I really wanted to go today. I got up at half past five to get the housework done to make it happen.

Then HRH casually mentions that he’ll be having dinner at home after all on his way out the door.


If I was a hardass I’d say “No” or give him a riceball and be done with it. But I’m too sensitive to his criticism to go all Suffregette on his ass.

So I’ll draw a nice, blurry line in the sand. I’ll make rice balls and soup and salad for dinner, which is much simpler than what he’s used to and, no doubt, expecting. If he complains I guess I’ll have to resort to the Death Stare.


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