My Cup of Tea

When did it get so cold?

I was too busy this morning to even notice. Me First had a thing at school today that started at 8:25. Me Too and I had to leave the house by 8:15, which is close to an hour earlier than usual. I got up at the regular time (6 am) to start breakfast and make Me Too’s lunch, but shortly after I got up things started to fall apart.

HRH usually goes jogging in the morning, but today was rainy so he didn’t go. He slept in. That turned into him taking a shower later than usual, which made breakfast late, brushing of teeth late (have I mentioned he brushes his teeth for ten minutes twice a day!) yadda yadda yadda long story short he made everybody late.

Me Too wasn’t helping. Since about the time we brought her home from the hospital, she’s been a whiner in the morning. But lately she has gotten so much better! It makes my life a lot easier to not have to be dealing with a load of ridiculous before I get my coffee. Today, though, she regressed. When she woke up, I was already out of bed, and she doesn’t like that. She likes, maybe a better word is demands, someone warm to snuggle up to. Then she didn’t like what we were having breakfast. Than she wanted to check what I was putting in her lunch box. Then she wanted to sit in a regular chair (we have an adjustable high chair that she still uses, with the tray removed and adjusted to her height.) Then she decided she didn’t want to sit in just any chair, she wanted to sit in Brother’s chair. Then she wanted her milk in another cup.

On and on and on

But anyway. The Morning Monster doesn’t appear every day anymore, so I was able to keep my cool. I ignore most of the demands. Well, um actually, I never respond if she whines or doesn’t say “please,” unless to remind her to say please or to tell her I can’t understand that kind of voice. (Me First and I call it “whine-ese.” He is quite proficient in this language himself, though not as fluent as his sister.)

We all managed to get ready and get to school on time to hear the second grade sing. At Me First’s school, once a month a different grade performs a song for the student body during morning assembly. Then they do it again afterwards for the parents. The second grade did a great job! They all opened their mouths wide and moved their lips in that careful way children do, which makes it obvious they’ve just been told to do that. The amazing thing is that almost all of the children can carry a tune. No one was pinching or talking or wiggling.

Except for the moms.

Me First put us under strict instructions not to wave (Me First says this is mortifying.) Me First also said he didn’t want Me Too to come because she would not obey the “no waving” mandate.

But I couldn’t exactly leave her at home, and she enjoyed it. She didn’t wave at first because she couldn’t find her brother. All the other non-mortified kids were waving at their parents, so eventually Me First broke down and waved at us.

At 8:45, I rushed Me Too to preschool, then I went home and got changed and went to the Thursday yoga class, where I am the spring chicken by a good decade or two but definitely the least flexible bird in the room.

That’s when I noticed it was cold.

All the women (and two men) around me were in long pants and long sleeves and vests and stuff. This alone doesn’t necessarily mean anything, though, since it seems that all Japanese people of a certain age are prone to layering. The instructor also had on long pants and long sleeves.


I, in stark contrast, had on a t-shirt, and 3/4 leggings with shorts over them. The class isn’t very, um, high-impact. Since everyone else is over sixty there isn’t a lot of moving and shaking going on, and I stayed cold the whole time.

Relaxed, but cold.

I came home to make lunch and am now having a nice steaming cup of tea, uninterrupted. Now that I think about it, I never did get to finish my coffee….


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