More Adventures of Flower and Ribbon

Me Too didn’t have school today. I don’t know if it’s a worldwide phenomenon or a Japanese-centric way of doing things, but anytime there is an event at school on the weekend, then the kids (and teachers) have a day off to follow. At first I figured this was because the schools don’t want to pay the teachers overtime, but now I think it might be because the sensei need to recover from the mandatory post-event nomikai, drinking party. I don’t know if this is an international thing, either. It certainly isn’t the done in the US, but what can I say, we’re all Puritan offspring. And we know how much fun they were.

So anyway. Me Too and I hit up the local Motherways sale this morning. Now, I know you’re thinking “Motherways” totally sounds like the name of a rock group, so the word “sale” after it is throwing you for a curve. It’s a children’s clothing store, relatively inexpensive, relatively cute. So we went this morning and got some winter clothes. Some people keep growing and requiring new clothes, in spite of my reasoning with them that it would be much more economic to stay the size they are.

After that we went to the Hello Kitty store, always fun, and then had lunch. Popped by the doctor’s on the way back (which was in actuality my secret purpose for this whole outing,) then went to the park afterwards.

At the park, once again, Me Too insisted I participate in yet another round of “Flower and Ribbon.”

Today, I was Ribbon. Sometimes I’m Flower, who is the older sister. It gets confusing because we both keep forgetting who we are.

Today Ribbon was three and Flower was eleven. (A teenager, according to Me Too.) Flower doesn’t need “trying wheels” on her bike anymore, being eleven and knowing how to cook because her mother is dead (as usual) but taught her how to make everything before she died. Today we had a brother, Stinky, who is also a teenager. Because he’s twenty. He teaches at a school. The bubblegum school. But he always forgets his stuff. Flower explained, in a very exasperated voice, that he is always forgetting to do his homework and stuff and always forgetting to take his bubblegum and stuff to the Bubblegum School. (Sigh and shrug.)

Flower doesn’t go to school. Because her house is too old. Actually, it’s so old it’s a clock. People who live in clocks can’t go to school, except the Bubblegum School, and only if they are teaching.

At some point the game kind of broke down into playing on the swing set. Which is good, cause I was getting confused.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Alessandra Dolcetti
    Oct 22, 2012 @ 21:44:25

    I just LOVE the store of ‘Flower and Ribbon’……..


  2. Alessandra Dolcetti
    Oct 22, 2012 @ 21:46:18

    I meant story, of course ….


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